Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ten Questions for Leftist Two Staters

Yuval Zaliouk

Dear friends,
I listen regularly to Israeli politicians being interviewed on Israel radio. Yesterday I listened to three of them, Yitzhak "Buji" Herzog, Israel's Labor Party Chief, Binyamin "Fouad" Ben Eliezer, an influential Labor Party veteran, and Zipi Livni, the leftist Minister of "Justice" in PM Netanyahu's government, acting as Chief Negotiator with the "Palestinians."
All implored Israelis not to miss the "last opportunity" to sign "peace" treaty with our mortal enemies - who refuse to recognize Israel's existence - and hand over to them Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, Israel's heartland and most historical assets. 
I listen, scratch my head and wonder where do these leftist "leaders" pull their delusional ideas from? Or asked differently, what kind of "peace" do these delusional politicians believe the "Palestinians" would agree to sign?
Below I posted again my article TEN QUESTIONS FOR LEFTIST TWO STATERS. Please read the ten questions and try answer what kind of "independent" state do these leftists believe that Israel should agree to give and the "Palestinians" would agree to receive.

For instance: Would Israel allow the "Palestinian" state to have her own air force? Would the "Palestinian" agree to an "independent" state without an air force? What kind of independence is it?
If these kind of questions are honestly answered, nobody would support such "Palestinian" state unless he or she is completely insane. And this before the historical and monumental questions of sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Right of Return to Israel of five million Arabs are even asked.

The fact that the current Israeli government continues to succumb to the applauding Kerry, call him Scary Kerry, for the release of Arab murderers while the "Palestinians" and their leaders hail those assassins of civilians as heroes, and while Jonathan Pollard is still rotting in American prison for 27 years, is evidence of how the Israeli leftist minority still manages somehow to wield negative influence on Israel's leaders who are supposed to guard Israel's most vital interests.
It is imperative that PM Netanyahu should mount a major campaign to push-off American and European pressures to commit suicide, similar to his impressive campaign against the nuclear bomb Iran is constructing.
My previous bulletin dealt with the question of quiet or confrontational diplomacy. Here is an exchange between a Muslim caller and a radio talk show host Neal Boortz. Listen to it and judge for yourself, is it time to stop beating about the bush, or is it time to state loudly what needs to be stated?
Your Truth Provider,
Should a "Palestinian" state in Judea & Samaria ("West Bank") be fully independent? If yes, please answer the following questions:
1) Should the Palestinian state be allowed to have a regular, fully equipped army?
2) Should the Palestinian state be allowed to have air force?
3) Should the Palestinian state be allowed to sign a mutual defense treaty with Iran, or North Korea?
4) Should the Palestinian state have full sovereignty over the Jordan Valley?
5) Should Jerusalem be re-divided?
6) Should the Palestinian state be allowed to absorb millions of Palestinian "refugees" into its tiny territory?
7)  Should Jewish Israelis be allowed to reside in the Palestinian state if they so wish, as 1.2 million Arabs reside in Israel?
8) Will the Palestinian state have total control over the use of Israel's main underground water aquifer? 
9) In the likely event that the water aquifer be totally exhausted, or polluted, where will the independent Palestinian state get its water supply?
10) Can the Palestinian state be completely self sufficient economically (non reliant on Israel)?
If the answer to one or more of these questions is in the negative, can the "Palestinian" state be called independent?
Always remember that a fully independent Palestinian state on 77% of Palestine's territory already exists under the name Jordan, in which the majority of citizens are Palestinians.
Yuval Zaliouk

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