Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Muslim Suicide Convert

Sultan Knish

Both of the suicide bombers who struck in Russia were Muslim converts. They follow a long string of Muslim terrorist converts, including the murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby who were sentenced last month and Terry Lee Loewen who plotted to car bomb the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport that same month.

Muslim converts engage in terrorism at a higher rate than Muslims. It's gotten so bad that converting to Islam is almost a form of suicide.

The popular theory is that Muslim terrorist groups use converts because they blend in better. But in most Western countries, screening by race is nearly illegal and in even in targeted countries where it isn’t, there are usually many members of Muslim ethnic groups in most major cities.

There are four reasons for the rise of the Muslim Suicide Convert. Muslim converts are gullible, fanatical, suicidal and expendable.

Let's start with the last one first. Muslims usually come from tribal cultures with extended family groups. Despite its claims of transnationalism and multiculturalism, Islam is an ethnic religion with the descendants of Mohammed elevated over everyone else, the families in the region of his first conquests elevated over other Arabs, Arabs elevated over non-Arabs, Asian Muslims over African Muslims and African Muslims over Western converts to Islam.

A convert to Islam is lowest on the totem pole because he has no family group. In a tribal society, not having a family connection makes you an outsider and expendable. A Muslim who Jihads himself to death creates a hole in the tribal network of arranged cousin marriages, illegal business arrangements and other extended family support structures. A Muslim convert was never part of the network unless he married into it. And even then he can easily be unplugged because he has no common ancestry with them.

In a Muslim country, he can be killed without having to pay blood price. In a Western country, he can be sent off to die without the "tribe" of Pakistanis or Egyptians who built the mosques and hired the Imams who converted him and convinced him to kill non-Muslims being affected by his death.

He is expendable.

Converts are not part of the family networks of the Muslim settlers in their Western diasporas. That makes them useful cannon fodder. If they are captured, the mosque denies all responsibility and blames the internet even though most mosques and Muslim student groups host those same speakers who "radicalize" converts over the internet at their own facilities and events.

Muslim converts are also suicidal.

The act of conversion is a form of death. It destroys the entire cultural and faith background of the individual. It cuts him off from his family, his people and his way of life. Conversion can be constructive, but it should never be forgotten that it is also destructive.

The Muslim convert has been trying to kill himself all his life to some degree, to destroy the essence of what he is to overcome that perceived flaw preventing him from being happy and living a worthwhile life. Islam is his drug and alcohol abuse, his meaningless sex and his cult. It is how he punishes himself hoping to find redemption in self-destruction and meaning in the sacrifice of the self to the first utterly devouring and consuming thing that comes along.

Converts to Islam often discuss feeling empty. They expect Islam to fill the void within them and when it does not, they are told that the failure is theirs.

The Muslim convert finds Islam in a search for fulfillment and then still feeling unfulfilled, seeks out its "purer" forms whose commitment to Jihadist violence is more overt. The violence of their rhetoric and the force of their commitment briefly feel like fulfillment, but then dissatisfaction sets in again. Told to blame himself for this final failure, the Muslim Suicide Convert is encouraged to make his final kamikaze run hoping to find the meaning and fulfillment in the afterlife that evaded him in this life.

Muslim converts have personal problems that they try to treat with Islam the way that sufferers from conventional diseases try to treat their illnesses with phony cures. Muslim clerics promise that Islam will solve the personal problems of non-Muslims and non-Muslim societies, but like so many criminal gurus, they are peddling phony cures that kill the patient.

That is one reason why Muslim converts are fanatical. Another reason is that they have no baseline. Converts plunge into another religion and culture as into deep water.

Muslims have learned to make the necessary compromises with their fanatical religion that make their lives livable. That is why most of them do not go out and blow themselves up; instead they undermine Western societies in slower and steadier ways through demographics, disinformation and political influence.

The Muslim Suicide Convert seeks an uncompromising purity. He rejects the compromises that Muslims have learned to make over the centuries. Seeking the core revelation in a religion of death; he finds that revelation only in death. The truth of Islam is in its killing fields. It preaches war for power and paradise. The Muslim convert who searches for its essence finds a grinning skull in the desert sands and hurries to emulate its terrible example.

Finally, Muslim converts are gullible. The natives of every land have games that they play with tourists, relying on their unfamiliarity with another culture to mislead them and trick them. Muslim converts are strangers in a strange land, slowly learning a foreign way of life and pathetically eager to be accepted by another culture. It is all too easy for Muslim clerics to lead them down the garden path to the suicide bomber’s paradise by offering and withholding affection until they are willing to do anything to belong.

Muslim Suicide Converts are enlisted in a war the way that men have been enlisted in wars throughout the ages with appeals to patriotism, strategic shaming, tales of outrageous atrocities and myths of incredible heroism. The Muslim clerics, like so many military recruiters before them, tailor their pitch to the disposable people who are least likely to question orders and the least likely to be missed.

 Muslim recruiters thrive on campus for the same reasons as cult recruiters and leftist academics.

The modern university is a good place to find insecure young people questioning everything that they believe in and unsure of what to do when they have destroyed everything they were and found that their impulse to ridicule and tear down everything does not fulfill the human need for something to believe in. It is where young men and women seeking to find something beyond their limits, experimenting with and becoming someone they are not and feeling inward guilt and loss at the abandonment of their old selves and their old values can be hunted and trapped.

Into this universe of doubt, the Muslim cleric intrudes with his false offer of certainty, with the air of the victim, the badge of the underdog, the mysticism of the east and the romance of the grass, that like the terrorist flags that wave among it, always grows greener on the other side of the world.

Westernized Muslims are urged to recommit to Islam, to steel themselves for the coming conflict between the civilizations of the sword and the microchip, to purge themselves of Western culture, embrace the black flags and atone for their beers they drank, the girls they kissed and the songs they sang with the death screams of sirens and the blood of their non-Muslim friends and neighbors.

The seduction of the non-Muslim runs more slowly but surely. The dissatisfied and unhappy, those trained by a liberal culture contemptuous of its own values and traditions to instinctively value non-Western spirituality over their own "materialistic" and "imperialistic" religions, are lured in.

The children of an intellectual tradition that taught them to reject absolutes of any kind as the worst sin of the mind, embrace with fervor an absolutism that calls for their deaths and the death of the world. They kill and die, destroying their own bodies poisoned by their infidel heritage and in dying, inflict as much harm as they can on the infidel society whose destruction their cult seeks.

The Muslim Suicide Convert embraces his role as the vanguard of a spiritual world order, destroying the oppressive materialism of the world to make way for the superior rule of Islamic law, believing that he can only overcome his own materialism by destroying his material substance and the material substance of the society that nurtured someone as unworthy as him in the ultimate act of submission that throbs with the death drive of the Islamic religion of submission

Only by destroying his physical being and the physical being of his society, does the Muslim Suicide Convert expect to achieve the transcendence of his physicality and the fulfillment that the gross substance of his flesh barred him from. His suicide is also a national suicide. It is the extension of the national suicide, the act of profound and terrible self-destruction that brought the Muslim preachers who worked on his mind into the country and into its universities.

The Muslim Suicide Convert, like his Islam-friendly liberal society, kills himself and his society to atone for its materialism, reaching instead for a material paradise of virgin demon women, young boys serving wine and rivers and hills made of the bounties of seventh century Arabia, drowning his guilt in death and his hope for eternity in the innocent blood of his victims.

The crime he commits is not his alone. It is not only that of the Imams who turned him, who preached at him and poisoned his heart. It is not only that of the Saudis and Qataris who funded them, the Muslim diasporas who try to have it both ways balancing Western materialism and Muslim terrorism in ways that profit them most and the scowling men who ushered in his final stage of life in some dirty apartment in a failed industrial town or basement mosque where sellers of cheap food gather on their rugs and gossip about their cousins and their governments.

It is also that of the political leaders who welcomed in the Islamic cultural engine of destruction that has been assembled and turned on its cities, sputtering to life with clouds of black smoke, belching out mosques and mega-mosques run by the grimmest men of the theological academies of Mohammedanism, religious feuds and warriors, bombs and beheadings, restarting the process that filled the desert with armed riders and corpses.

No suicide bomber acts alone. It is not only his hand or the hand of the remote handler or that of the distant oil-soaked states, Sunni and Shiite, glaring across the Persian Gulf at each other.

It is the hand of his own leaders, his politicians, his teachers, his clergy and his entertainers who do this terrible thing.

It is everyone who advocates for Islamic immigration while covering up its crimes, who calls for more tolerance and more mosques and more Islamic law and then rushes to the scene of the bombing before the blood and tissue of the innocent victims of Islamic immigration have hardly been scraped off the sidewalk to announce that Islam had nothing to do with this act of Islamic terror.

They have made the process that led to this terrible moment possible and it is they who flock to the scene of their own crime to cover up the innocent blood spilled by their own immigration policies.

The Muslim Suicide Convert is the spawn of a Muslim Suicide Convert leadership and a Muslim Convert society. The individual convert sees more clearly than they do the consequences of their actions and the darkness that waits on the other side of the door that they have opened. He knows that death is on the other side of it and he walks toward it into the act of destruction and self-destruction that his political and cultural leaders have made possible while averting their eyes at the moment that the ticking bomb that they have allowed to be imported and assembled in their country explodes.

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