Friday, January 03, 2014

The real truth - Israel is the most dangerous enemy of Israel

Nurit Greenger
Let's think realistically about American anti-Semitism and Chutzpa-audacity - 4 Points to ponder
1. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are holding American prisoners. But Americans have an iron rule: never negotiate with terrorist gangs. Then why are the Americans forcing Israel to ignore and cross this iron rule?
2. The Americans conquered and occupied territories, spreading over thousands of miles, from Mexico, from the Indian tribes who lived in the Americas before they arrived to the land, and as a result they pushed out of the land, even almost destroyed, various peoples. But Americans have an iron rule: they do not negotiate over a grain of their sacred land. So why are the Americans forcing Israel to ignore this iron rule, specifically when Israel did not conquer or is occupying any land that does not belong to her?
3. And one other iron rule the Americans have: to never release a security prisoner, or even a criminal prisoner, before he or she finishes his/her sentence. Bernard " Bernie" Madoff, convicted of a gigantic defrauding - the largest defrauding scam in history – will not be released one day before he serves his 150 years prison sentence. So why do Americans force upon Israel to cross this iron rule and release murderers - not thieves - who have not fully completed serving their sentence?

We must therefore ask ourselves, from where does John Kerry, who claims to be a man with moral and values, gets the political and psychological power to demand, time after time after time, that Israel must act opposite of what he supposedly believes in and stands for?
From where does Kerry get the never ending Chutzpah-audacity to come to Jerusalem, again and again and again, from his country that is stretching over thousands of miles, and pressure Israel - impose on Israel fear, conduct against Israel an ongoing political and economic jihad, and demand that Israel returns to the 1948 armistice lines - not borders – that in their narrowest area -their hips measure 13 kilometers in total (approximately 8 miles), those armistice lines that then Foreign Minister Abba Eban called the Auschwitz borders?
We must not pretend that this is a surprise!
Everything happens because John Kerry and his boss Obama are well aware that in Israel rules are like butter, red lines melt away after they were drawn on a bomb drawing, the laws have no meaning. Israel does not have ironclad rules! Israel has pretty good politicians but it has no leaders, it has no leadership, it has no vision and Israel has no direction and the way. In Israel one can talk about everything and anything is tradable - all in Israel is tradable and for sale even respect for the Jews! In Israel there is not even one who can rise to the rank of a leader, even for one moment, stand up and say: Enough, up to here. And from there and then start returning Israel on to the right path, along the right ironclad rules.
Where are those days of Israel's Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Shamir who stood their grounds for the future of Israel?
You can comfortably say today that Benjamin Netanyahu is the weakest Prime Minister Israel ever knew. To hide his weaknesses and fears he turned to be a speechster demagogue - a big ineffective talker, worst of all, he is dangerous to Israel.

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