Wednesday, November 11, 2009

But one of the egregious problems with the Health Bill

Israeli Americans blast 'unjust' U.S. health care reform bill
Cnaan Liphshiz , Haaretz Correspondent

The organization representing North Americans in Israel has called on its members to fight a U.S. health care bill that would require U.S. citizens living abroad to pay $750 annually for insurance they may not be able to use. Cnaan Liphshiz , Haaretz Correspondent
The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI) informed its members Tuesday that the controversial bill, which the Senate proposed as part of President Barack Obama's massive health care overhaul, contains a $750 per annum excise tax for all U.S. citizens living outside the U.S.

However, "the proposed U.S. insurance plans will not cover medical expenses outside the U.S.," the Association said.
The exact details of the proposal and how it would be legislated are not entirely clear at this point, said David London, the Association's executive director.

London added that his organization's opposition to this element of the bill "should not be seen" as opposition to the reform plan in general.

"This doesn't mean that AACI, which is a non-partisan organization, is speaking against the new health policy," he said. "We're not taking a stand on it. We're concerned that this bill could be unjust to U.S. citizens living in Israel."

According to London, the House of Representatives has passed a similar bill, but it exempted citizens residing abroad from the excise tax. "This is why we're only appealing to senators to make the same amendment," London added.

"Unless we are exempted by both the House bill and the Senate bill, we could be taxed when the two bills are merged," the Association said in an online bulletin to its members.

AACI also enclosed a sample letter of complaint, and the names and fax numbers of every U.S. Senator.

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