Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crisis: Egypt May Stop Warships Headed for Syria at Suez Canal

The current Egyptian leadership may close the Suez Canal to warships in an effort to block a western attack on Assad's Syria
By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus
The Jewish Press
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Hassan Shahin, spokesperson for the Egyptian anti-Islamist Tamarod movement.
Photo Credit: Ahram

The leading anti-Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt, the Tamarod (Rebellion), announced it will prevent military action threatened by the West against Syria, from using the Egyptian-controlled Suez Canal.

And the Suez Canal, of course, is the route through which U.S., British and other warships will need to pass for any non-air or land-based military strike against Syria.

In a Middle East for which most observers need an electronic score card that can update shifting alliances, a faction with a strong influence over the current government in control in Egypt is insisting that any threatened western assaults against Syria be blocked. PLS CONTINUE READING:
Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Comment:  Other opinions are that Egypt will not do this-there is currently enough fire power in place to do the limited attack-besides, they can bring additional war ships around southern europe-game time en force and in play.

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