Saturday, August 31, 2013

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters place X marks on Coptic homes

Jihad Watch

The Christian Copts of Shubra al-Khaima, Egypt, are in a “state of panic and terror” as “a number of supporters of ousted President Muhammad Morsi have been placing markings on Christian homes in the area for [future] targeting.”
Speaking anonymously, one Copt from the region told Veto News agency that they “recently noticed strange movements in the streets. When they went to inspect, they discovered large numbers of bearded men, who began to quicken their steps. They tried to catch up with them but couldn’t. When they returned, they discovered “X” marks in black on the homes of Copts, separating them out [from Muslim homes].”

Such markings are likely in preparation for the Brotherhood’s scheduled mass protests, or terrorist rallies, for Friday, so they know which homes to attack, plunder and/or burn as they call for the return of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

Incidentally, the last time a minority was singled out, including with markings and badges, a genocidal holocaust soon followed. Thus, and once again, the Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood proves itself to be a fascistic, supremacist regime.


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Paint over those X's and in the middle of the night, when no one is looking, paint the same marks on Mahoundian homes.
Given that we fund much of Egypt with our taxpayer dollars, why not threaten to cut them off if they don't quit terrorizing the Copts?
We made the threat for our Mo-Bro-Hood allies being victimized by a military coup, can't the same threat be made to put an end to religious mass murder?
Great idea, Mr. Swami! Or, just paint that big 'X' on every house in town and see if allah can sort THAT out...

These are the same people that NPR have been fawning over for months.
Secretary Kerry shame on you too.

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