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It’s not ‘islamofauxbia’ to defend oneself from an intolerant and violent ideology, it’s self preservation.
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Here’s an excellent rebuttal that completely pulls the rug from underneath the premise espoused by founder of the organization, Muslim-Jewish Conference, over at the Times of Israel. In ‘Rapid worldwide growth for Jewish-Muslim alliance‘, Ilja Sichrovsky, equates the ruse of Islamofauxbia with that of Anti-Semitism, in an attempt to combat rising xenophobia against both groups while forging ties between the communities.
Jewish-muslim alliance attempt 27.8.2013
The article tells of Sichrovsky’s experience in meeting Muslims from other countries, and how it changed his views:
In 2007, Sichrovsky participated in Harvard University’s Model United Nations conference. There, in a Geneva hotel room, he stumbled upon a new life path.
“A Muslim member of the Pakistani delegation asked if I was a Jew, and told me I was the first Jew he had met,” Sichrovsky recalled. “We were elite and well-read, but quickly realized we knew nothing about each other. After determining we were safe, we spent the whole night learning about each other.”
Get that? A dead giveaway to his mindset is that he calls himself an elitist, (oh, and very well read too).
He also admits that he knew absolutely nothing about Muslims, let alone from Pakistan. Perhaps Sichrovsky never ran into this Pakistani, who could tell what it’s like to be a dhimmi in Muslim Pakistan.
Anyways, the man’s entire premise is based upon deluded, ill informed understanding about Islam, and the dangers it poses for the free world. Read the following and internalize it for further use in confronting self anointed masterminds and geniuses, you know, ‘the elite’.
Equating ‘Islamophobia’, a rhetorical device invented by the OIC to stop rational criticism of Islam and actions derived from its teachings, to antisemitism which nearly never has anything to do with the religion of Judaism is preposterous and as the premise is bad, negates all that may come after it.
To criticize Islam as an ideology is an obligation to all people as is criticism of all ideologies that might determine the actions of a people. Muslim organizations attempt to make that criticism tantamount to racism in order to stop it, while antisemites tend to hate Jewish people no matter what their religion or ideology may be. It is a loathing of the people as a group and not connected to belief whereas people, like me for instance, who despise Islam as a motivating force will not hold any special feelings of the people who adhere to it other than with respect to the degree to which they do adhere to it.
This means that even the most forceful critic of Islam will have no issue with the person once they abandon the precepts of Islam as we saw this past week with Lars Hedigaard, Kurt Westergaard and the Danish Imam that worked three shifts to create global riots killing many over the Danish Mohamed cartoons and is now repentant and welcomed to the community of free men.

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