Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Russia seizes the moment-good grief, stand down

Like a monkey with a grenade: Russia warns of "catastrophic consequences" if U.S. and U.K. hit Syria for al-Qaeda

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This U.S. attack on Syria could turn out to be an Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo moment. "Russia warns of 'catastrophic consequences' if Syria hit," by Stuart Williams and Anna Smolchenko for AFP, August 27:
Russia on Tuesday warned a military intervention in Syria could have "catastrophic consequences" for the region and called on the international community to show "prudence" over the crisis. "Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa," a foreign ministry spokesman said.

"We are calling on our American partners and all members of the world community to demonstrate prudence (and) strict observance of international law, especially the fundamental principles of the UN Charter," ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement.
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is known for his sharp tongue, said on Twitter that "the West behaves towards the Islamic world like a monkey with a grenade."...
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and kicked Putin in the nuts. Pound Assad into dust.
Dmitry Rogozin is right. The US is like a monkey holding a grenade. After two false flag chemical weapon attacks in Syria we are now supposed to believe that Assad would order a chemical weapon attack on his own people near Damascus just days after UN inspectors arrive? Another way to look at it: in whose interest is the chemical weapons attack to be blamed on the Syrian government? Since we know from other sources that the US has been planning to undermine the Syrian government from at least 2011 and has been training and sending forces into Syria, who benefits and who has a strong disinterest in being blamed? Who has the motive? Obviously the US has the motive to justify its attack on Syria. If you grant the motive to the US but then grant the attack on the Syrian government then your thinking can only be described as the rationalization of a psychopath.

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