Friday, July 25, 2014

As Gaza sends rockets to Israel, Israel sends food and fuel to Gaza

Elder of Ziyon

Major media still refers to Israel's "siege" of Gaza.
Yet not only hasn't there been any sort of "siege" by any definition, there isn't even a siege today during wartime. 
In the entire history of warfare, never has a nation given so much aid to the enemy as Israel does right now.
Israel, so vilified in so many demonstrations and articles and clueless newscasts, is providing food, fuel, medicines, setting up a field hospital, allowing patients to go to hospitals in Israel, and even helping fix the infrastructure that is being damaged by Hamas rockets!
The IDF's COGAT is even giving instructions on how people around the world can get their own humanitarian supplies into Gaza. 
Here is their summary as of Thursday morning:
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Usually, the Kerem Shalom crossing is closed on Friday - but the IDF is opening it for industrial fuel, diesel and cooking gas.

This is, of course, all but ignored by the media intent to paint Israel as targeting children.

It's amazing how so many reporters in the region can miss so many stories.

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Hans said...

This only aids and abets future attacks on the state of Isreal!

Such policies and kindness does nothing to bring about peace and stability in the region.

This only gives conform and support to your enemies whom will never be grateful or return any kindness.

Sometimes, Jews are their own worst enemy.