Sunday, July 27, 2014

Op-Ed: Israel, Stop Placating the World’s Opinion

For the world, no matter what Israel does, it is in the wrong.
Published: Sunday, July 27, 2014

The world doesn’t care if an Israeli tank holds its fire when facing a Hamas terrorist surrounded by children.
The world doesn’t care if Israeli pilots are justified in hitting a UN school.
The world doesn’t care if a Golani unit finds weapons in a Palestinian kindergarten.
For the world, Israel is the scapegoat. Jews are always unjust.

Israel can stop placating the world’s opinion: it costs human lives. Jewish lives.
A few days ago, I wrote a long article for my newspaper in Italy explaining Hamas’ human shields: hospitals, schools, mosques, cemeteries, United Nations’ sites. The readers’ first comment was: “Damned Jews, cancer of the world”.
You cannot placate this madness. It is like a virus. But Israel can stop placating the world’s opinion: it costs human lives. Jewish lives.
The entire world is now dispensing sage advice and is urging Israel to end the “cycle of violence” between the warring parties, as if there was a moral equivalence between beheaders and human beings, between mothers who send their own children to a certain death and mothers who shelter their children in safe rooms.
Who has the right to preach morality and proper conduct to the people of Israel?

Who has earned the political right to sit in judgment upon the Jews and school them in what is right and what is wrong?
Is it the United Nations, an entity which has found its unity only in an embarassing attack upon the Jewish State’s right to exist and to defend itself?
Is it the Europeans who are now living in the houses once owned by Jews?
Should Israel accept moral criticism from France, which capitulated to the Nazis in World War II and hurried to deport its own Jews from Drancy?
Israel is subjected to the sermons of the “moderate” Arab leaders. Even the most “moderate” among them have skeletons in their closets.
Israel and the Jews must stop bowing at the world’s feet. The State of Israel and the Jewish people exist today not only despite the world’s opinion. But even against it.
What person or nation has the credentials to preach morality to Israel? Nobody.

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