Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reality check The State Of the World, Like It Or Not

Nurit Greenger | July 29, 2014
There isn’t one major mainstream newspaper in America, and the New York Times is leading the list, Europe, and maybe even Latin America that has not, is not, and will not blame Israel for the Arab-Palestinian woes, whether it is their 66 years old refugees’ status, or for Jews stealing their land and homes, the cause of Islamic hostilities against the West, crimes against humanity, supporting apartheid, etc.
Interestingly enough though, there is no newspaper that mentions that Israel’s hospitals are treating, free of charge, Arab-Palestinian from Gaza with treatment that they cannot receive in Gaza, i.e. cancer, organs’ transplants, heart operations, plastic surgery, etc., ALL free of charge; and 70% of Gaza electricity, 100% of their water and fuel supply, and a large percentage of all their food comes from Israel and they do not pay for it, because Israel cannot collect payments due. Over the last 14 days, thousands of mortars and rockets landed in Israel from Gaza, all fired on civilians’ areas in order to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Worthy mentioning, also terrorists have been trying to infiltrate Israel to kill and kidnap Israelis.
So far all has been thwarted.
Before this current war, Operation Solid Rock [Protective Edge], an average of 20 to 40 mortars were fired onto Israel's southern communities and towns weekly. No one in the international community shouted, they are trying to kill Israelis and the UN did not convene to a meeting on the matter. For the last two years no newspaper bothered to mention these attacks on Israel and that Israel did not retaliate. But when Hamas decided to change the game and to fire long range missiles into Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer-Sheva, and Israel decided it has had enough, the criticism of Israel, all sound so familiar, lopsided, and silly and skewed has begun as if the world is one anti-Semitic choir.
Pointing specifically at the New York Times (NYT), the leader in the blame Israel list, did this skewed newspaper give a fair coverage to the extermination of 6 million Jews in WWII?
Or, the fact that one of the 3 captured Yeshiva students, who were kidnapped and then immediately murdered by Arabs-Palestinians, was an American citizen, or that the United States president Obama did not get outraged and strongly condemned the terror act?
Or how about the aberration case by outraged Israelis, who have murdered an Arab teen and Obama immediately flew off the handle and strongly condemned the act?
Or how about the American traitor who left his post and his fellow soldiers and went over to the enemy lines and Obama invited his parents to the White House for a photo-op on the White House lawn for the nation to see.
Nothing is new? Nothing is new not even how Americans are reacting to their own destruction inward and outward.  Wake up and learn from Israel. Israel is the bulletproof vest of the west. Israel takes the vest off and all hell breaks loose in every American backyard.
The hell with what people say about you, or think about you; it is your life and if you do not protect it, or your way of life and your families, no one is going to do it for you, NO One!

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