Friday, July 25, 2014

Was God involved? If, If, If …the tunnels of ground invasion!

By Guy Aloni

Analysis: for the first time since 1948, the state of Israel faced an existential danger.
Dozens of assault tunnels that end in southern cities and towns are not terror tunnels, they are an infrastructure for a ground invasion and conquering. If we wouldn't have surprised ourselves with the fierce answer to the boys' kidnapping, the Hamas, at its own timing, would have sent thousands of warriors through those tunnels, invading and taking over cities, military bases and more. Thousands of soldiers dressed up as IDF soldiers killing, conquering and kidnapping Israeli soldiers and citizens without leaving the IDF the time to get organized and counterattack. At the same time the firing of hundreds and thousands of rockets toward central Israel would have paralyzed our ability to withstand the invasion.
What did they wait for?

Maybe for a rainy day, probably for the Hezbollah to recover in order to coordinate a combined attack also with missiles from the north... and maybe also tunnels dug towards the northern cities...
Such a scenario happening in Israel could mean tens of thousands killed, systems paralysis and the need to build trenches in neighborhoods and streets.
Assuming, of course, that neither the Judea and Samaria Palestinians, nor the Israeli Arabs join the fights. It is obvious that counter attacks by the Air Force would not help much when everyone is hiding under the ground, laughing all the way to the Jerusalem. Best case scenario could have been that international forces enter and demilitarize the nation, including the nuclear weapons, and the dream of a Jewish state would have faded for another 1000 years.
We were saved by two things that they never believed would happen, because we didn't believe it either... the first one was that the boys' kidnapping would reunite the nation in such a way that would lead to an offensive response, re-imprisonment of the recently released prisoners and the readiness to enter the vipers' nest they have built. The second one was that they didn't believe the Iron Dome really works.
In other words, all of us, both from the right wing and the left wing, underestimated the Islamo-psychopathic rhetoric calling for the conquering of Jerusalem, we ignored the determination of the Iraqi and Syrian psychopaths, refusing to understand that they built a strong, intelligent and almost perfect military system, meant to crash and hit the state of Israel.
We all saw how 10 terrorist fighters get out of a tunnel in just a few minutes. What would prevent 200 of them to go out on one accord, and thousands from all the tunnels together, with hundreds of commando soldiers landing on different beaches and rockets and missiles landing in highly populated areas?
The truth is that if not for the tens of thousands of soldiers posted in the south these days, nothing could have prevented the next step in the fulfilling of the Islamic dream to annihilate the Zionist entity and marching to Jerusalem.
Eyal, Naftali and Gil-Ad – by your death you saved our country, our freedom and our lives!
Dr. Danny Gold, the developer of the Iron Dome – may you live a long and good life.
And to all the soldiers – we love and hug you forever. Be strong and courageous! The entire Jewish nation, the entire world and above all most Arab nations and the sane Muslims pray for the crashing of those crazy maniacs. Yes, even Abu Mazen.
Thanks to the three boys we caught them with their pants down, at a time and conditions that don't fit them. The country is saved and now it's time to bring judgment on ALL those murderers.
And last word for the citizens at the home front – when you hear the sirens, go into the safe room and smile. When you hear "boom" – laugh. Those noises are the shouts of frustration from the psychopaths in Gaza whose plan to crash Israel was prematurely uncovered. Any damage we might suffer these days is as naught to what was planned.
Thanks NG

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