Friday, October 26, 2012

Father of Dead SEAL Blasts Obama White House: “They Murdered My Son”

We know now that former former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed orders and left a CIA safe house to try and save those at the consulate.

And once there they fought a desperate fight, evacuating the consulate employees and “for over two hours they were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists”. Numerous calls were issued for help and went unanswered.

“The second wave of attacks at the annex brought even more firepower upon them. Yet they held their position providing time for the 20 consulate employees to be rescued. In total for over two hours they held off upwards of 200 attackers, under heavy fire from RPGs, mortars, and at least one 23mm Anti Aircraft gun firing on their position(s) around the consulate grounds and the annex building.”
This is Medal of Honor stuff, but under Obama it’s become the stuff of a cover-up. Instead of their bravery holding the line and inspiring a rescue effort, they were left to die under orders from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. “They called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied.”
It’s that simple and now Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, has blasted the Obama White House in a passionate and moving interview.
“The news that he disobeyed his orders does not surprise me. My son was an American hero and he was going, he had the moral strength to do what was right, even if that was going to cost him professionally, cost him his job, even if it would potentially cost him his life. He was a hero who was willing to do whatever was necessary to respond to their prayers for help.
“If in fact those people in the White House were as courageous and had the moral strength that my son Ty had, immediately, within minutes of when they found there was a first attack they would have given permission, not denied permission, for those C130s to have gone up there.
“I don’t know much about weapons but it’s coming out right now that they actually had laser focused on the mortars that were being sent to kill my son. And they refused to pull the trigger. They refused to send in those C130s. To me, I’m an attorney, this may not be the legal test of murder. But to me that is not only cowardice, but those people who made the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it, are murderers of my son.
“That’s a very strong statement for me to make, but for their benefit they need to clear their conscience, they need to stand up and they need to change the direction of their lives.
“What I want to say right now, you know who you are. I totally forgive you, but I hope years from now you have changed the direction of your life.”
The number of mentions of Charles Woods in any media outlet that isn’t FOX News is 1. A blog post on US News and World Report. The number of stories on “Binders of Women”? 15,542.

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