Sunday, March 09, 2014

Obama's Balloon Burst

Nurit Greenger | March 9, 2014

By now every American can agree that Obama is a failed president. There is no reason to be lauding Mr. Obama for anything. The world is laughing at America and the vacuum he is creating allows the United States adversaries' to fast rise and fill the gaps and take control.
Obama’s performance, or lack of, in handling Putin's Russia is appalling; his failed foreign policy with Syria's Assad, Khameinei's Iran and other tyrants who are murdering people with abandon and playing with chemicals and nukes is weakening the United States' security blanket.
Folks you are no longer safe in between the two oceans!
On the home-front Obama has failed too. Every law he signed, every change he made, every regulation he passed made every American's life more difficult, more unpleasant, and created less trust in the government, which they already have little trust in.
He even took, the much imperfect as it was, America’s health care system and broke it, made it dysfunction.

So folks, say it already, Obama makes former president Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan by comparison. Now Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama has taken over top ranking as the worst, most catastrophic president in American history and he has three more years to go on failing America.
Sadly, those who think they are liberals and they have no idea why – Obama is no liberal folks - and those claiming to be Jewish, or of Jewish heritage, who support Obama even when he abuses the State of Israel – folks Obama is no friend of Israel - and those who supported and support Obama for no other reason than he was not a Republican and because he was a man of dark skin, a black man who has no qualifications, whatsoever, to be a president, have brought upon the rest of us this calamity.
We have one thing left to do, which is to hope and pray that America can recover from the enormous damage inflicted on it by a Jeremiah Wright’s pro-Muslim Alinskyite mentee and his Leftist cabal.
I hope and pray with America and the rest of the world.

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