Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Don’t Rebuild Gaza

Want to solve a part of the Arab-Israel conflict? Then don't rebuild Gaza...
Published: August 6th, 2014
We’ve seen this movie before. Hamas attacks Israel, Israel fights back. Israel destroys Gaza. International community rebuilds Gaza. Hamas attacks Israel…
It’s always the same thing, and everyone chooses to ignore the lessons each time.
It’s time the international community stops rebuilding Gaza. You’re wasting your taxpayer’s money and donations.
President Obama did everything in his power to save the Hamas Jihadis, I don’t know why, except that he and the State Department want them as the legitimate representatives of the Gazan people.
But Hamas is evil. Hamas is Jihadi, like ISIS and Al Qaida.
And as long as evil like Hamas exists, an evil that vows to destroy Israel, this cycle will simply play out again.

It’s time to acknowledge what has been published on these pages before – two states on this side of the Jordan river is a recipe for unending war.
Take your foreign aid money, use it to relocate the people from Gaza.
Gaza’s residents want to leave, even the ones that support Hamas. Stop ignoring what they want. Stop recreating this conflict over and over again.
You want to give them money. Give it to them, freely.
But give it to them as part of the opportunity for a fresh start, with dignity and peace (if they’re capable of that) – elsewhere.
And then leave us alone to destroy what remains of Jihadi Hamas, once and for all.

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