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Meet Stana, an Israeli living on the Gaza border

Carol Brown
What would it be like to have bombs falling like rain in your neighborhood? What would it be like to learn that the enemy not only attacks from above, but also emerges from below, like messengers from Hell, who may pop up out of the ground anywhere, anytime. And kill you.
Here’s a small window into what it’s like.
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A young Israeli woman by the name of Stana has made an incredibly compelling 9-minute video where she speaks of life living with terror as well as the sorrow she feels for civilian casualties in Gaza.
Sitting on a swing in the shade beneath a tree, she talks in an articulate and unassuming way about what it is like dealing with a barrage of rockets falling from the sky, not knowing when one might hit you. Incredibly, there was not an Iron Dome in the area where she lives until just a few weeks ago. And so she and others had been running away from rockets; running into doorways and bathrooms for cover as bombs fall around them.
And she speaks of the “surreal” terror tunnels.

At times fighting back tears, she talks of the fear she and others feel since the terror tunnels were discovered, including one right near the kibbutz – a tunnel that nine jihadists emerged from just days ago. Mercifully, the IDF arrived in time to shoot the terrorists and protect the people living on the kibbutz.
Soft-spoken and without drama in her voice, she opens a window into what life is like for those living under a reign of relentless terror. Living with terror, life has become disrupted, at best. Unthinkably dangerous, at worst. People are becoming traumatized. Imagine what it’s like for children growing up in Israel, especially in communities in the south. Sirens wail all day. Children must run as fast as their little feet will carry them, hearts pounding as they are under attack.
Another story of coping with constant terror was shared when Caroline Glick spoke on Capitol Hill a few days ago. Ms. Glick shared the story of a friend who lives in southern Israel. She described how her friend’s family must run to the bomb shelter every 10 minutes all throughout the night.
Obviously, that is not a sustainable way to live.
Israel is not only under military attack, not only under economic attack, but there is a profound psychological impact on the nation as Israelis cope with the fear of being kidnapped or killed. I would also imagine that the civilian death toll in Gaza is affecting soldiers in the IDF. Hamas is not only exploiting their civilians, but they are also preying on the minds of Israeli soldiers. Israelis love life. In times of war they go to lengths no other nation on earth has ever gone to reduce the loss of innocent life. There have been many instances where Israeli soldiers held their fire and allowed terrorists to escape because of concern about hitting civilians.
Psychologically, this is all unfolding against the backdrop of a global call for Israel to be less effective in protecting her citizens. It seems the world is disappointed that Israelis are surviving. And because they are surviving, their monumental struggle against the daily forces of evil in the form of jihad seems trivial in the minds of useful idiots.
But I would like for even just one of them to spend 24-hours in Israel and then come back and report on the war. And since they would only be there for 24-hours, in order to make the experience as rich as possible, amidst the fall of rockets, I would invite them to bed down near a terror tunnel.
Then, come back and tell us all about it.

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