Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hamas calls for ’3 day uprising’ during ceasefire

Aug 5, 2014
Hamas3An uprising during the ceasefire. Clearly Hamas sees that there is nothing it can do to lose the support of the UN, the EU and Barack Obama. So it’s full-speed ahead with the jihad, even during a “ceasefire.” “Hamas Calls for ’3 Day Uprising’ During Ceasefire,” by Yaakov Levi, Arutz Sheva, August 4, 2014:
Hamas on Monday specifically called on Arabs in Judea and Samaria to conduct attacks on Israelis, urging them to start the “third intifada” that would start with attacks on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and eventually move into the rest of Israel.
In a message sent out by Hamas Monday to “the Palestinians of the Occupied West Bank,” Hamas called on Arabs to “conduct mass riots” over the next three days as a “sign of support” for Gaza, and of “resistance” to “violence” by Israel.
On Monday night, Israeli media outlets, quoting Egyptian sources, said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed to an Egyptian demand for a three-day cease-fire. The sources said that the cease-fire could go into effect as soon as Tuesday morning.
In its message, Hamas called on residents of Hevron, Ramallah and Shechem to converge on the main square in their cities and demand that Hamas retain the right to keep its weapons – rockets and tunnels – against Israel.

Hamas on Monday praised the terrorist who killed an Israeli and injured four others with a tractor in Jerusalem. Hamas said that it “congratulated the free Palestinian of Jerusalem for his attack. This attack is a natural response to the occupation of our people,” Hamas said. In a statement, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said that “the action in Jerusalem was very brave, a natural response to the occupation.”

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Anonymous said...

How can Obama and Kerry not speak out if they have any shred of decency and concern for Israel as our ally against Hamas breaching the latest much ballyhooed ceasefire by inciting terrorist Muslims to terrorist acts of murdering and maiming Israelis? Oh, wait. I forgot for a minute about Obama's $11 billion arms deal with Islamic terrorist-funnel Qatar last week. I for a minute forgot the presidency we're suffering through to our peril if we even last as a nation until 2017 and the new president.

Obama’s refusal to have U.S. troops stay in Iraq has seemingly allowed the Tawhid-treacherous IS (Islamic State, on the geographic other side of Hamas but sharing an ideology of genocide) to grow its ravenous hydra heads and conquering legs with the thousands upon thousands (maybe 20,000 and growing) of once-civilian “Americans” and “Europeans” who have recently gone over to the IS and will be bringing jihadic army training back to the U.S. and the EU on unrevoked passports and visa waivers. Tawhid means monotheism defined to exclude Christians and Jews as pagan so that we of the Judeo-Christian heritage can be executed summarily by Islamists without so much as jizya virtual slavery or exile options.

There’s not a No-Fly list operating in the U.S. anyway at this point in 2014 under Obama and Holder. And the IS jihadists mask their faces so that nobody who might be doing terrorism watch with a cross-linked computer in an intelligence agency can identify them. Obama has largely eviscerated any meaningful anti-terrorism efforts in the U.S. with his pro-Islam, pro-terrorist strategic omissions as well as his overt acts. Maybe he's just that close to his pro-terrorist public figure brother Malik Obama.

Obama is leaving us wide open in the U.S. to being attacked by jihadist army — he’s either already done this or is planning to by reports I’ve read from military base newsletters and magazines — drastically cutting armed forces and equipment for the homeland, selling off San Diego Navy base ships, opening the southern U.S. borders by the effect of his illegal immigrant fiasco including violent drug cartel-connected teen males, importing deadly Ebola from Islamic West Africa, and that’s just a partial list. If you want to know more, google "jihad watch." It will change your world view.