Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seeking A Leader

Nurit Greenger

We, Jews, have only one state to call our home, but the way the government of Israel is behaving it is as if this profound statement has no meaning.

It is my opinion that since 1948 the leaders of Israel have conducted a schizophrenically ambiguous policy that, in the political arena, have led the country in the wrong direction.

Since 1948, the people who rose to leadership in Israel were removed from the Torah and worked against all Jewish principles as well as much against the interest of the country they were leading.

Though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a well spoken person and a good orator, he has failed in his job and the right leaning Likud party has not stood up to most of its principle.
As of this writing, the following is what Mr. Netanyahu supported in the past and what he is actually busy with and overseeing at present:

Propagating to establishes a state named Palestine,
Covert construction freeze in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria,
Pogroms on Jews living in Judea and Samaria and destroying Jewish communities,
Supported the unilateral disengagement from Gush Katif and has not yet issued an executive order to overturn the court order to destroy Migron, Givat Assaf, Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El and Hebron,
Freed murderers jihadists,
Willing to negotiate with the genocidal Arabs a two states and thus makes Jewish land, legally belongs to Israel, negotiable material,
Chitchatting with the scumbag Mahmoud Abads – Abu-Mazen, Mr. Holocaust denier, the Munich Olympics massacre architect, and a child-murderer,
He is a traitor of the Likud platform,
Builds Arab communities and destroys Jewish communities,
Irresolute in defending Jews and tying the IDF hands while performing its duties to defend the citizens,
Abandoned Hebron,
Abandons the land in the Negev,
Prevents a legislation, supported by the majority of the people, that protects the democracy and prevents the destruction the real freedom of Israelis,
Took pioneering out of the national priority, in the most corrupt and deceptive manner.
All of the State of Israel is in existential threat, not only igron, Givat Assaf, Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El.

Since its establishment, Israel was controlled by the left-wing Mapai. Even if there is sometimes a poor Likudnik – Netanyahu - claiming to be right-wing, sitting , as decoration, in the Prime Minister office, his hands are tightly tied behind his back.
Mapai etched on its flag betrayal and surrendering of Jewish land and heritage to the Arab enemy.

Israel has a worrisome lack of leadership who believe in Zionism, Judaism and the word of God; the legality of the land of the Jews, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and in all the rules of the games that are best and sincere for Jews.

When you are tired you tend to make mistakes.

One cannot blame Israel for being tired; 64 years of daily worry of its survival and physically fighting for it will do it. That includes that it appears that the court of Israel is systematically working on the final solution for the State of Israel.
WAR is made to win or it turns into a political fraud. Israel have not won a war yet. All her so called victories were hudna, the Arabic term for ceasefire, required to regroup, rearm and plan the next attack or war. Israel has been at war, hudna, war, hudna, for 64 years.

Tonight, on the eve of Israel's Independence Day celebrations, on CNN OutFront program, Erin Burnett set for an interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu in his Jerusalem House courtyard and he, again, spoke about a contiguous "Palestine".  I would like to ask Mr. Netanyahu, where, exactly, will this contiguous state be establish and what will be her borders with Israel that will guarantee every Jew living there that his or her home will never be a target of one rocket or missile fired from that state.  Political rhetoric makes a sound mind wonder.

The government of Israel needs to know that so far, its actions have been, to a large extent, DESPICABLE.  And the question is, for all that do we need a land of our own? A land where Jews are unsafe and the government, with its thoughtless decisions and actions makes it even more unsafe.

Just recently, a brave IDF high rank officer, Shalom Eisner, lost his cool with a European anarchist who, with his cohorts were deliberately agitating his unit, for hours, while on duty protecting area of security value. The case received an out of proportion reaction and the officer was dismissed from his command position. For this kind of timid, cowardly action, from Israel's leadership, Jews could have stayed in the Galut-Diaspora.

Context explains everything.  Israel, meaning Jews, is constantly vilified, mind you, most effectively, by those who hate her. They distort the context of the actions of the IDF, everyday Israelis and Jews all over the world. By removing Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner from his post, Israel succumbed to and have contributed to the well planned and mis-contextualized the event.  Anyone in Lt. Col. Eisner's situation would have reacted more forcefully and in a much shorter time frame of having to put up, with constraint, with the agitators. Think about it, do we know the name of any Syrian officer who ordered his troops to massacre children and everyday civilians?  After all, we can hear in the video that Lt. Col. Eisner was yelling for the anarchists to go away, but the pests did not listen. For them to aggravate the Jewish soldiers was a game that filled them with elevating thrill.

The message that Israel needs to convey to the world is that a provocation was inflicted on Lt. Col. Eisner and his unit. Despite this, he demonstrated a remarkable restraint in light of the array of options he had at his disposal.  For a change Israel must turn the tables on Goebbels type propaganda used against her.  Perhaps, if she tells the truth often enough, instead of using ambiguous schizophrenic behavior, people will believe her truth.

These past sixty four years Israel has been fighting Islam and progressively has to confront their supporters they have gathered over the years, who are anti-Semites masqueraded as anti-Zionism. The Islamists Israel confronts daily are in fact a roadblock manned by a mob of bloodthirsty lunatics.

The Jewish Martyrs of the Shoah-Holocaust and Heroism died with the words “Hear Oh' Israel” on their lips. The nation of Israel heard and a state was reborn. Which means that anyone who threatens the state of Israel and refuses to recognize that a militant Islam and western apologists are bent on her destruction simply violate the memory of the Shoah-Holocaust victims.

If the government of Israel does not protect the state from all who are bent to destroy her, even if it is one blond European anarchist, then they do not deserve to lead.
Israel needs a leader who will put her and her citizens' priorities above all no matter what the world thinks and has to say and that include undoing all the wrongs Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right here and now busy with.

We, Jews have none to protect but ourselves; we must not let that asset slip as we did 2000 years ago; do you hear is Mr. Netanyahu?

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