Monday, February 10, 2014

Iranian official: Enrichment to continue; no N-site to shut down‏

PRESSTV (Iran)Mon Feb 10, 2014   An Iranian deputy foreign minister has reiterated to EU ambassadors in  Tehran that no Iranian nuclear facility will be shut down and uranium  enrichment will continue as Tehran’s inalienable right. 

  In a meeting with ambassadors of the European Union member countries, Deputy  Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht-e Ravanchi,  who is also a member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team, further announced  that Iranian negotiators will travel to Vienna next week to begin the final  round of the nuclear talks with the representatives of the world’s six major  powers. 

  Noting that Iran intends to take part in the new round of negotiations with  commitment and goodwill, as it did in the previous rounds, he expressed hope  that the other side would also display its goodwill.

   The senior Foreign Ministry official also underlined Iran’s readiness to  “allaying legitimate concerns” during the talks, adding that such a move  should take place within the context of preserving the rights of the Iranian  nation, which means that no nuclear sites will be shut down and uranium  enrichment will continue. 

  Elaborating on the policies of President Hassan Rouhani’s administration,  the Iranian negotiator said, “We favor good relations with Europe and the EU  based on mutual respect, equality and non-interference in the internal  affairs of each other and believe such ties would benefit both sides.”  

 Takht-e Ravanchi further stated that despite the differences that Iran and  EU have on certain issues, they can, however, engage in discussions over  important international and regional issues such as Syria, Iraq and  Afghanistan as well as combating terrorism and narcotics. 

  He also pointed to a range of other topics, such as the environment,  cultural-academic cooperation, energy cooperation and transit of goods,  which both sides can work on in the future.   MFB/NN/HRB  ________________________________________ IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis Website:

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