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Kashmir: Valentine’s Day “anti-Islamic and Muslims are not allowed to celebrate the day”

NiqabBearHere again, when have you ever seen this kind of indignation, this resoluteness to resist, directed by peaceful Muslims against jihad terrorists? Self-proclaimed moderate Muslim spokesmen spend all their time explaining to Infidels how Islam teaches peace and tolerance, and how only greasy Islamophobes teach otherwise. There are no significant Muslim efforts to dissuade Muslims who think jihad involves violence and the subjugation of unbelievers that their understanding of Islam is wrong on Islamic grounds. But Valentine’s Day? They’re all over that!
“Big No to Valentine’s Day in Kashmir,” by Farooq Ganai for OnIslam, February 14:
SRINAGAR: Terming the celebrations of valentine day as a part of western culture, young boys and girls in Indian administered Kashmir say that the move is not only antisocial but anti-Islamic also, though a separatist organization Dukthran-e-Milat (Daughters of Kashmir) has banned the valentine day celebrations in the valley since long.
“Valentine day for Kashmiri Muslims means yet another attack on the already hit social life which has suffered a lot during the last twenty four years of conflict and this is completely anti-Islamic so we must avoid such moves which are western in nature” Mohd Abass Bhat told, adding there is no place for such type of the events in Kashmiri culture.

He said, Kashmir is home of Sufis and saints who have protected the culture and have imparted education which speaks volumes of cultural ethos, so adopting western culture will harm the society which otherwise has already eroded from the basic guidelines of a Muslim society.
“The event is anti-Islamic and Muslims are not allowed to celebrate the day because in Islam the day has no importance”, Mohd Akram Wani student of Institute of Arabic and Islamic studies Srinagar said
He says, the Muslims have been entrusted with a syllabus (Guide line) before in 1435 Hijri and whatever is written in Quran cannot be changed. “For Muslim nothing is important which is not mentioned in Holy Quran and Suna (Hadith) the real guide for a Muslim”.
“Unless the Madrasas in Kashmir are not given free hand to teach the youngsters the moral education besides religious education and same is not incorporated in the educational curriculum people mostly young generation will get infected by the western ideas and traditions”, he added.
For a college girl Bisma Ashraf, valentine day is an addition to the western culture as it only qualifies ways and means that leads to the destruction of social fabric of Kashmiri Muslims.
“We have lost most of the traditions may it be dresses or the living standard to the western culture but now Kashmiris are not going to adopt this type of westernization which exposes our youth to obscenity”, Bisma told
If one will ask the young couples about the speciality of the day perhaps very less people know about the importance of the day even though they celebrate the day, said Munaza Akther who is perusing PG in Education at Kashmir University.
Yong generation mostly girls should come forward and fight against this social evil which is fatal for the coming generation, she added.
Born and brought up in Indian capital state Delhi, Saima Amin, believes that the valentine day has a special significance in the society of present generation. “The day reminds us of some special relations and this day I spend the day with my friends” she told, adding, “I fail to understand why people oppose this move which otherwise bring two friends close to each other”.
Showing cold shoulders to the celebrations, Altaf Hussian term it lust not love. “Why should a young boy and girl go to a hotel to celebrate the day when they know they can otherwise bestow their wishes to each other by other means also” he said, adding, “We must not encourage such type of move which is dangerous for our society”.
Activists of separatist organization Dukthran-e-Milat (Daughters of Kashmir) are right by banning the valentine day celebrations in Indian administered Kashmir as it puts end to the ills which had otherwise engulfed the youth of valley.
“Though the youth in Kashmir call it (Valentine’s Day), a day of love, but our organization has been calling it as the day of obscenity and vulgarity,” the women activists of Dukthran-e-Milat told, adding, “ Love is which GOD ‘ALLAH’ has permitted, this type of love is lust not love”.
She said the organization has already warned the young couples of the bad consequences of the celebrations. “Alhamdulillah people here understand as how the Valentine’s Day is against the Muslims of Kashmir”, she added.
Dukthran-e-Milat Volunteers on the day conduct raids on all the hotels, parks and gardens besides the internet cafes and cafeterias on the Valentine’s Day to thwart the celebrations, said Amreena Hassan from Srinagar, adding, despite that people particularly youngsters attempt to celebrate the day by using social media like Face book and twitter.
She appealed the young boys and girls to remain apart from the celebrations, saying Valentine Day is even opposed by the Hindu organizations across India then why should we Muslims celebrate it.
“There is no place for any such thing which is western in nature, these types of celebrations teach us nothing so we must not celebrate the day”, Amreena added.
“Being a Muslim girl I should oppose all that which is not permissible in Islam, so there is no question of celebrating the valentine Day” Iqra Rashid told, adding though some young boys and girls still believe in the western culture because it is very easy to adopt than that of adopting the path which leads one to the life of a practising Muslim.
A young advocate, Khurshid Ahmad Wani from Doru Munsiff Court in south Kashmir termed the celebrations of valentine day as intrusion to the culture of whole of the south Asia. He said the celebration of the day is not only against the Muslim religion but other thoughts of schools also.
“It is western people who want to create hegemony on the minds and hearts of the people particularly Muslims all over the world”, Advocate Khurshid Wani told
The religious organizations have already launched a campaign against the western culture which according to them has not only affected the young girls and boys but has ruined the society as whole.
“Every Muslim whether young or old, male or female must follow the path of Prophet Muhammad SW (Peace be upon him) and go by the lessons taught in Holy Quran and Hadith”, Moulvi Mohammad Arif, a local Imam in Central Kashmir told
He said, for a Muslim these things are meaningless and we Kashmiris must understand that such moves are direct attack on young minds of Kashmir.
“All that is to be followed by the young Kashmiri boys and girls is to adopt the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SW (peace be upon him) and young couples must not encourage such irrelevant ideas which has bearing on the society”, Moulvi Arif told
Another religious scholar, Shabir Ahmad of south Kashmir term the Valentine ’s Day meaningless and said that youngsters must not encourage these types of festivities as these are western in nature.
“Why should we celebrate valentine day when we know the day has no meaning for the Muslims, instead we should follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SW. For western culture there is no place in our society”, Shabir told

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