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The Necessary War (Part II)

JOHN GALT February 5, 2014
Part I Can Be Found - Here
Unlike in the areas of economic and political restructuring of the old USA, where the president is so faithfully following the teachings of his ideological predecessors, in dealing with the issue of terrorism his policies are full of strategic blunders and tactical inconsistencies.

            In Egypt, President Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood and president Mohamed Morsi from the outset. Even after Morsi was ousted, Obama continued efforts to reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Why? As his argument goes, the Egyptians had an election and the Muslim Brotherhood was democratically elected. Therefore, it is a legitimate government and we must support a democracy. I hate to point out to the constitutional scholar that he is confusing elections with democracy. We should have learned by now that elections do not necessarily result in democratic institutions. Elections are only an instrument of democracy, no more, no less. This instrument of democracy in many instances has malfunctioned and provided legitimacy to oppressive and totalitarian regimes. There are number of examples of where democratic elections failed to produce a democracy: Hamas in the West Bank, Salvador Allende in Chili, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, and Adolf Hitler in Germany, to name just a few. We see the almost identical development in Syria, where the United States finds itself on the side of terrorists.

To be fair, Obama is not the first president of the United States to actively support terrorists; it would seem that supporting terrorists has been a long-standing policy of the United States government and cuts across party lines.
           President Carter supported Ayatollah Khomeini and called him a "peaceful and holy man." In August 1982, Ronald Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon to save the Palestine Liberation Organization from complete annihilation when the Israelis cornered terrorists in Beirut. Just think about this utterly obscene picture-American Marines protecting PLO terrorists. America paid a heavy price for the involvement when 241 U.S. Marines died in a terrorist attack on their compound at Beirut International Airport in October 1983. President Clinton turned down at least three offers by foreign governments to help seize Osama bin Laden.

           When Jeremiah Alvesta Wright Jr., Obama's "spiritual mentor," proclaimed in a sermon that "America's chickens are coming home to roost," although it was a reprehensible statement, he may have had a point. Decades of frolicking with terrorists bears a heavy price, and it's an interesting mental exercise to play "if only." If only President Carter had not betrayed the Shah of Iran, contemporary Iran would not be run by ayatollahs. If only President Reagan had not sent the Marines to Lebanon, the Israelis would have eliminated the PLO once and for all and thousands of Israelis and 241 brave Marines would still be alive. If only President Clinton had killed Osama bin Laden, 9/11 might never have happened. If only America was more prudent, our leaders more determined. If only...our presidents and the American people had learned from history.
            The president, by practicing the politics of appeasement, has a difficult time coming to terms with the teachings of his ideological mentor and the father of modern terrorism, Vladimir Lenin. Lenin, who both perpetrated terrorism and was on the receiving end, taught that "Terror can be conquered only with greater terror."  
            Obama's failure to call our conflict with Islam a war has resulted in wide-spread confusion. On the one hand, the president never misses a chance to release captured terrorists back into their environment, so they can continue killing. On the other hand, American drones are killing terrorists with deadly precision in Afghanistan, Yemen, and other parts of the world so efficiently that they cannot replace their commanders fast enough. At one point the administration decided to prosecute Al Qaeda leaders including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as civilians in domestic U.S. courts even though there was a good chance that the terrorists would beat the rap on technicalities, just like Bill Ayers (another terrorist who is also Obama's friend), and walk free. Later, the president approved a raid in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. It seems Obama is torn between his sympathies for Islam and the realities of war.
            Once again, the president appears to be caught in conflicting currents. He insists that acts of terrorism are legal issues and must be dealt with by our legal system. Despite the fact that Obama refuses to call this conflict a war, he is sending drones abroad to kill people (even Americans) without due process. If this is indeed a war, no American civil or criminal law applies, and the president's actions are fully justified. However, if this is not a war, then how can the president execute people, including Americans, without due process? Although Obama does not call this conflict a war, he nonetheless personally chooses the drone "kill" targets, as recently revealed in the New York Times. Although deciding who lives and who dies may play well into the president's feeling of eminence; it is neither legal nor does it do much to win a war.
            Just as in domestic politics, the president may choose to ignore reality, but he cannot change it. The reality is that we are in a state of war: the Third World War. In order to win a war, we have to understand the enemy and its objectives. Napoleon once said, "If you do not understand your enemy, you have lost." His words should be taken as a warning, in effect, of worse to come. To say most Muslims are moderates and have nothing to do with the fanatical Islamic terrorists is like saying the Germans were a highly cultured, peaceful people and that the mass murder of Jews was perpetrated by National Socialist extremists. There are many striking similarities between Nazi Germany and today's Muslim world, all of which this current administration and the Left have chosen to ignore. 
The Nazis' doctrine called for supremacy of the Aryan race and extermination of the Jews. I am sure that the Left (which has many Jewish supporters) would consider those policies "extreme." However, the Left fails to recognize that, like the Nazis' doctrine, the Koran segregates the human race into two groups: Muslims and infidels; and just like the Nazis' doctrine, the Koran calls for the killing of infidels and, more specifically, the killing of Jews. The Muslims' view of the world is that they alone possess absolute knowledge and the God-given supreme right over the infidels. In both instances we are dealing with a sector of society that claims superiority over the rest of the human race and seeks to have them destroyed or enslaved. Make no mistake: Islam is not just a religion; it is also a political totalitarian movement, just like communism and fascism. The movement embraces a fanatical agenda that includes racial supremacy and a Marxist-type utopian/egalitarian standard of virtue. However, unlike communism and fascism, which were adopted by countries that could be defeated, Islam is represented by unlimited human resources around the globe that cannot be defeated in strictly military terms.
The Muslims of the world are united in the epic struggle to provide moral, financial, and logistical support to those who are on the front line of war with the infidels. That silent but effective network of support allows terrorists to avoid security forces, survive, plan, recruit new members, and provide training. 
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