Monday, February 03, 2014

Time To Tell It As It Is

John Kerry is not a mediator, rather a political bully
Nurit Greenger
John Kerry is a biased, political bully type mediator; in fact he is not at all a mediator, rather an imposer of an agreement the sides he is supposed to be the mediator for will never agree to.
 John Kerry's finger is pointing at Israel
Kerry openly incites against Israel. He calls for economic jihad on Israel and takes the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement work to the highest notched and incites the entire world against Israel; he expects of Israel ONLY to make concessions in the process its goal is to arrive at peace agreement with the Arabs, meaning expects Israel to give its own legal land to squatters who have no historical or legal right to the land and have no leg to stand on with any of their claims to the land.

Kerry's way of mediating is to bully Israel only; he is not a mediator rather he intimidates and try scaring Israel so he can impose the terms of HIS agreement while the sides to the agreement have not come together to agree on it and in all likelihood will never agree to it.
Kerry's job is to mediate until the sides come together... but he is one sided biased mediator who is pro Arabism and anti-Israelism...he behavior leaves little gap before we can openly call him anti-Semite.
I took my frustration with this issue to Caroline Glick and asked: What do you do, say, how do we fight this evil, anti-Semitic man?
Glick's reply: By discrediting Kerry and everyone who supports him and then offering an alternative to his despicable conduct.
My opinion: the best alternative is to ask Kerry to leave Israel alone; she can manage just fine by herself as she is a grown up nation. Then Israel must go ahead and annex all the land west of the Jordan River, put it under Israeli law and rule. Israel must think this entire process through for the next 100 years, not like she did with the Oslo "agreements" and the disengagement from Gaza, NONE were thought through of what will happen a moment after they were signed and executed.
Pundit Caroline Glick argues it in her book: The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East -

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