Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the elections in Israel

Nurit Greenger
I will not opine on the election in Israel because I do not live there and I am missing too many components to comment intelligently. Also I believe we need to wait and see how the politicians will collate in the a healthy coalition and then see if they even get along and function well. Also because, I am not (yet) subject to the terrorism and jihad of the entire Arab world, as Israelis do.
I have though enough problems with legislators here, in America, who undervalue Israel and its so important contributions to the world in every way; these legislators are swayed by the faux narrative of the Arabs, worst they do not see the threat of the Islamic Jihad to the entire culture and security of the Western world, including our land, America. They put our security below their utopian delusions and policies and put out entire nation in peril.

The Prime Minister of Israel has the toughest job in the world. When he is subject to the hallucination of peace and appeases the Arabs, the Arabs only ratchet up their demands. When Israel responds to murder and terrorism, the entire world and its “columnists” shriek that the response is “disproportionate” or that there are limits as to how far Israel can go to defend herself. If he tells world leaders that Israel’s security and how to achieve it is Israel’s concern, as she is a sovereign nation, like all other sovereign nations, he is called rude and aggressive and a hard-liner and inflexible and those words come from supposed friends of Israel. Who would want that job and that responsibility? Only someone who really loves his country and his nation.
Benjamin Netanyahu does and so does Naftali Bennet. I wish them well and much success. They need all the blessing they can get.
For the best take on Israel’s politics and what really goes on there, I refer to David Hornik, Yoram Ettinger, Steve Plaut, Caroline Glick, Emanuel Navon and Arlene Kushner. They live there, they vote there and they are in the front line of defending Israel. God bless them and God bless the entire nation of Israel.

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