Thursday, January 31, 2013

Standing Apart

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Today's NYTimes' editorial, Israel Ducks on Human Rights, a day after providing a platform for an anti-Israel, factually wrong op-ed about taking Israel/is to the ICC (and which Julian Ku wrote: "If this is the Palestinian strategy to resolve their dispute with Israel, than the prospects for the settlement of this dispute are even more remote than I had previously believed."), asserts that

Israel has increasingly isolated itself from the world with its hard-line policies on West Bank settlements, the Gaza embargo and other issues. This week, it unwisely set itself further apart with a decision to withhold cooperation from a United Nations Human Rights Council review of its human rights practices.

If this paper, or any rational person, still considers the UNHRC objective, untained, impartial, considerate, reasonable, unbiased or somehow otherwise actually concerned with human rights and not an Israel-bashing forum whose members have ten times more problems with human rights than Israel while ignoring the human rights fiascos in other places much worse, not to admit all the complaints against Israel are true, I stress, then the readership of the NYT as well as its editors is to be pitied.  By the way, the UN Humand Rights Coordinator rep in Jerusalem has not yet replied or acknowledged my appeal.

The editorial even notes:

...The clearly not without faults. More than half of the resolutions passed by the council since it started work in 2006 have focused on Israel and its treatment of Palestinians, and Israel is the only country that is a standing item on the agenda for the council’s biannual meetings.  The council hasn’t always been an effective human rights champion. But...

Well, we don't accept "buts" anymore.

The paper contradicts itself,

...Israel shows not only an unwillingness to undergo the same scrutiny as all other countries,

but there is no "same scrutiny"!

That's the point.

The paper issue a threat or two and then adds

Any new governing coalition that emerges from Israel’s recent elections should realize that there’s a cost to standing apart.

"Standing apart" is normative Jewishness.

The anti-Semites stand us apart.

Media bias stands us apart.

Our uniqueness stands us apart.

Our history and our achievements stand us apart.

The Bible stands us apart, Numbers 23:9

lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not take the nations into consideration (my translation).
It would be better if the nations treated us better, understood us better, aided us more.

But at the fundamental level, we have to take that into consideration.



The report on "settlements" is out.

And read this.

As noted to me:
Sudan was elected as VP of a UN human rights body (ECOSOC) a couple days ago. It is simply absurd the NYT would publish that editorial.

And read Gerald Steinberg.

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