Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Islam I Knew

 Maggy Kamal|Edited by: Frank Wuco 

In my work revealing the destructive menace of Islam, I receive messages from Muslims everywhere accusing me of, and calling me, everything imaginable and unimaginable .
I have been accused of being a hate monger bent on deforming the image of Islam. I am called a Zionist, a liar, and every insulting name a woman can be called. Although I was raised in Egypt and educated in a Muslim school system and indoctrinated on the “glories” of Islam since birth, I am also accused of being ignorant about Islam itself. In their critiques against me, many of them are practicing what is called “Taqiyya”.

Taqiyya or the holy lie, is permissible in Islam in order to deceive non Muslims about the true Islamic agenda; complete domination, by force if necessary.
Many Muslims are actually ignorant of the biggest part of their own Islamic doctrine: Jihad, derived from the Arabic root-word mujahada, meaning warfare to establish the religionWhile jihad is physical, there are other forms of jihad that are practised as well: funding terrorism, making propaganda, converting non-Muslims to Islam (even by force like in the case of Egypt and Pakistan), suing those who dare to criticize islam or to reveal its truth, islamic immigration to non-muslim lands, breeding so much, electronic jihad, etc……
Many Muslims instead compel themselves to live with one perspective about Islam; that it is being hijacked by terrorists and extremists and that Islam teaches peace and love toward all of humanity, friend or enemy, Muslim or infidel.
Amazingly these relatively peaceful people think they are the “True” Muslims and the representatives of Islam’s real image… And some naive non-Muslims swallow this bait, failing to detect the hook and fire that waits behind it.
It is easier and mentally more secure for them to accept at face value that Islam contains no evil. Ironically, many of the same people believe that guns, not the people who pull their triggers, bear the destruction, injury, and death they deliver. As such, non-Muslim defenders of relieve themselves of inquiry and accept the Muslim apologist defence that Islam is innocent of all charges of evil.
As a former Muslim, who is not ignorant of its worldview, requirements, and laws, I want to attract your attention to one very important fact: You may meet or know some relatively peaceful Muslims around you, but that does not mean that Islam itself is peaceful, which will be their claim. It must be. They are not permitted by their own law to portray Islam in a negative light, particularly to non-believers, even if they are discussing Qur’anic or legal elements (those that outside observers find unsavoury).
Most Muslims have ever read very little of the Qur’an, let alone read, or understand, most of it . Lot of them learned to recite some verses from the Qur’an without understanding its meanings . Most Muslims in non-Arabic speaking countries (which comprises most of the world’s Muslims) who memorize the Qur’an in Arabic do so only phonetically, not understanding a word they are reciting.
They have been taught that the poetic rhythm of the Qur’an alone, is sanctifying and will reward them with favour in the hereafter. Most Muslims know only of the Qur’an what is read to them on Friday prayers.
Similarly, you may call yourself Christian, but not know everything in the bible from A-Z or live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ or the church to which you belong, strictly. The same applies to Muslims; most do not know or fully understand the horrific directives that exist in their own sacred texts. Many do know, but ignore them and live in their safe mental zone or deceive and feign innocence while their fellow Muslims follow violent and fearful directives faithfully. Still, other know Islamic law in detail and try to apply it literally as their prophet directed and practiced, These are the people we commonly refer to as terrorists and criminals and the would be terrorists and those who support them through action or silence, that we hear about everyday in the news.
For many Muslims, Islam is a series of rituals; prayer (recitation), fasting and Ramadan rituals, zakat (tithing), performing the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), and reciting Qur’an verses, often without even understanding their meaning or the Arabic words at all that they are reciting. Many, however, are aware of the myriad awful and inhumane prescriptions that exist in their Koran and the comport of their prophet but strive to convince themselves that the context of these verses and deeds are other than evil, and live in a horrific internal conflict to be envied by no one. Their conscious minds see the disgusting things about Islam (as did my mind… and heart) but their unconscious mind is programmed from their early years to see things from only one perspective, and automatically interpret it in only one direction so as to stay in their comfort (and safety) zone.
So, it comes down to, as many things, a matter of the conscious mind to discern that which is truly good from beyond well formed phenomena in Islamic culture like denying, whitewashing, interpreting destruction and evil as its opposite and standing up to what is obvious and right in front of them. From infancy, universal moral codes are encoded upside down and by childhood, the Muslim mind will argue the virtues of evil, believing they are good. And it begins with the example of the figure they hold to be their revealed prophet: Raping a 9 year-old child becomes not just marriage but perhaps Islam’s most celebrated marriage; killing becomes struggle in the way of Allah prescribed to purify the earth of corruption in preparation for God’s final judgment; stolen goods, property, and money becomes booty and the rightful property of the Muslims; captured women and children become slaves and may be taken as wives; polygamy becomes “protection” from adultery; humiliating and subjugating women becomes respect and protection. This is the world I grew up in… and, for my life, left.

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