Monday, March 10, 2014

Arab League Says it will not Recognize Israel as Jewish State

CAIRO, (WAFA) – Council of the League of Arab States expressed Sunday their support of the Palestinian leadership in its pursuit for ending the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian Territory, adding it absolutely rejects to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
The council said in the conclusion statement of their 141st meeting of the Arab ministers of foreign affairs there will be no peace unless East Jerusalem is made capital of Palestine and unless an independent Palestinian state is established based on the 1967 borders in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.
The statement also said settlement construction and expansion is illegal, as per the international law.

It further stressed its rejection of all Israeli policies aimed at the Judaization of Jerusalem and all attempts to change its historic, cultural, and religious character, stressing that all these attempts are null and void under international law and legitimacy resolutions.

Comment: PIP-Peace isn't Possible when your colleagues in the surrounding area support a non-starter component for a "peace agreement".  For those who do not understand why this is such an important criteria for Israel to consider signing any agreement, then you may want to do your homework.  If you also do not agree with this position I understand exactly where you stand and what you stand for. The answer has nothing to do with land, it has everything to do with ideology.

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