Thursday, June 21, 2012

DOJ Releases Muslim Terrorist; Stonewalls Inquiries

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Barack Obama’s Department of Justice is up to its secret ways again. Last year, six Muslims in south Florida were arrested and charged with sending tens of thousands of dollars to fund the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Now, as Judicial Watch reports, the DOJ has dropped charges against one of them -- but when questioned why, the DOJ has stonewalled and remained silent.

The head of the funding operation is a Pakistani imam, Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, who ran a mosque in Miami. The others charged were members of his family: his sons, his daughter, and his grandson.

The federal indictment said Khan ran a school in Miami which provided shelter and support for Taliban soldiers and taught children how to kill Americans in Afghanistan.

Just a few days ago, Khan’s son, Irfan Khan, who has been in jail for nearly a year and if convicted, faces 15 years in jail, was suddenly released and charges dropped. Federal prosecutors did not provide any explanation in a one-paragraph filing.

The initial arrest of the six people was widely reported because of the sensitivity with which they were arrested. Under the Obama administration’s new rules of engagement, federal agents actually waited for prayer service to end before they entered the mosque to arrest the family, even taking their shoes off to respect Muslim tradition.

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