Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egyptian historian: "Muslim Brotherhood bears much of the responsibility for the fleeing of the Jews from Egypt"

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This is noteworthy not only because it is an example of an extremely rare phenomenon: a Muslim being forthright about wrongdoing by Muslims, but also because of what Fahmi says about how Islamic supremacists in 1930s Egypt blamed Jews for British colonialism. I've noted many times that while the pretexts and grievances that jihadists use to justify their jihads constantly shift, but the jihads themselves remain, because they're based on Qur'anic imperatives, and not really upon the grievances at all.

And so in this case we see Islamic supremacists finding a reason to hate Jews before the foundation of the State of Israel; the real reason all along was the Islamic antisemitism that is rooted in the Qur'an. This shows the danger of appeasing those grievances. Doing so will not bring peace. It will just bring a new crop of grievances.

Note also, however, that Fahmi speaks of Jews "fleeing" Egypt, when actually they were forcibly and brutally exiled.
"Egyptian Historian Khaled Fahmi: The Muslim Brotherhood Bears Much of the Responsibility for the Fleeing of Jews from Egypt," from MEMRI, January 3 (thanks to all who sent this in):
Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian history professor Khaled Fahmi, which aired on Al-Nahar TV on January 3, 2013: Khaled Fahmi: The Muslim Brotherhood bears much of the responsibility for the fleeing of the Jews from Egypt. All the writings of the Muslim Brotherhood... If you grab a copy of their Al-Nazir newspaper [from the late 1930s], the editor-in-chief of which was Salah Al-Ashmawi, you will see that there were many anti-Jewish articles – articles that did not distinguish between Zionism and the Jews. An article published in 1938 accused the Jews, among many other things... The article was titled “The Danger of the Jews to the Islamic and Christian world.” It accused the Jews of being the cause of British colonialism in India. It claimed that the real colonialists in India were the Jews, not the British.
Interviewer: This was in 1938...
Khaled Fahmi: Yes. There were many statements to this effect. The conflict in Palestine also left its mark on Egypt. There were big skirmishes in 1945. The Jewish synagogue in the Mosky neighborhood was burned down, grenades were thrown, grenades were thrown, and people died.

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