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#MyJihad Lies Exposed: The Real Meaning of Jihad, from Islamic Sources

via #MyJihad Lies Exposed: The Real Meaning of Jihad, from Islamic Sources – Atlas Shrugs.

The Meaning of JihadThis is a featured page By Kamala

CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab describes their #MyJihad ads this way: “The campaign is about reclaiming Islam, and not just ‘jihad,’ from both Muslim and non-Muslim extremists… Whether it’s the bin Ladens and the al-Qaidas of the Muslim world, or the Pam Gellers and Frank Gaffneys of the non-Muslim world, ironically — even though they come from the two opposite ends of the spectrum — they agree exactly on the same definition of ‘jihad’ and on the same worldview of Islam versus the rest of the world.”

CAIR would have you believe that “extremists” like bin Laden and al-Qaeda are the only Muslims that think Jihad means anything other than to “build friendships across the aisle,” to “not judge people by their cover,” or to “stay fit despite [a] busy schedule.
But if that’s the case, then extremists like al-Qaeda must be running the San Francisco Bay Area Muslim Community Association, the Islamic Circle of North America in New Jersey, the Muslim and Islamic Center in Willowbrook, Iillinois, and the Dar Elsalam Islamic Center in Arlington, Texas.
All of these American Muslim organizations teach and/or promote a book on Islam called Minhaj al-Muslim. This book offers a simple definition of Jihad that has little to do with fitness or friendships:
“The specific ruling of Jihad – which is fighting against the disbelievers and those who wage war against Islam – is that it is a collective compulsory duty.” (Vol. 2, p. 165)
This book is sold by the MCA bookstore, among a small number of “authentic” books about Islam. It’s also sold by the bookstore of the New Jersey chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America.
On YouTube, you can find multiple video lectures of this book, taught at the Dar ElSalam Islamic Center in Arlington, Texas. It’s also taught in a weekly college student “Halaqa” (religious gathering for learning) in Willowbrook, Illinois.

If Ahmed Rehab and Zahra Billoo of CAIR are so worried about reclaiming the meaning of Jihad in America, shouldn’t they start by focusing their energy and money on the American Muslim organizations teaching their followers that Jihad does indeed mean fighting against disbelievers? Or by rooting out the Muslim “extremists” leading Islamic organizations and centers across the country?
It’s telling when they’d much rather focus on demonizing the non-Muslims pointing all of this out.
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