Thursday, January 10, 2013

National Unity Bloc Likely to Gain 40 Mandates

Moshe Elkman, Director Middle East Peace Research and Nurit Greenger MEPR Advisory Board Member
 Moshe Elkman
nurit 4.JPG Nurit Greenger
We are all anxiously awaiting the results of the upcoming election in Israel, speculating as to who will form a coalition government with Benjamin Netanyahu who may win the race. In the meantime a group of concerned Jews have formed an International group under the auspices of Middle East Peace Research (MEPR) newly founded organization. 
MEPR has taken upon itself to conduct an extensive advertising campaign, by JMG Media through Internet and printed press means - including the newspapers Makor Rishon and the Jerusalem Post - urging voters to contact their members of Knesset and request that they come together to form a "National Unity Bloc" (NUB).
Our vision is that NUB becomes a powerful group collectively represents Zionist/religious/nationalist parties. 
A recent poll by Geocaorgraphia indicated that such a significant bloc could win up to 40 seats in the new Knesset. The members of the NUB would retain their own party names, leadership, policies and charter, but would commit to and sign on to three inviolable principles:
1) NO PLO State
2) Israeli Sovereignty to be applied all over Judea and Samaria
3) NO rockets tolerated 
The National Unity Bloc could end up being either part of a coalition with Benjamin Netanyahu-Likud/Beitenu, or could even gain power in its own right, having for a leader of the bloc from the party with the most number of seats - in this case, the possibility that Naftali Bennett will become the new Prime Minister of the state of Israel.
It is interesting to read that the Rabbinical Congress of Peace have asked various political parties to sign on that they are against a PLO State. Rav Ovadia Josef's son stated that Shas is against a PLO State. Naftali Bennet has stated that Habayit Yehudi is categorically opposed to the formation of a PLO State. 
Therefore it appears rather obvious that if both, Shas and Habayit Yehudi are against a PLO State whereas Likud/Beitenu favour a PLO State, cooperation on this matter between Shas and Habayit Yehudi would be a natural "matchmaking."
To enhance our activities, we have produced two videos, in Hebrew and in English, explaining the National Unity Bloc purpose. Both videos have each gained approximately 300,000 views on YouTube.
National Unity Bloc –English:
Israel is facing challenges and decisions that are simply crucial to her existence.The State can no longer think and act in short time frame terms and roll with the punches on a daily basis. Israel can no longer act the sacrificial lamb as it has been acting from the day it was established; it must become the lion. The next government of Israel will have to envision Israel in 100 years from now and act along this vision. And that is where the National Unity Bloc steps in.
The voters in Eretz Yisrael have tough choices to make as the outcome of the upcoming election will demand bringing about major changes in policy and law that will make Israel stronger so it can prevail in a sea of sharks' world.
The formation of the "National Unity Bloc" will act as one tool to Save the Land of Israel from its enemies and from possible [even self] destruction G-d forbid.
Tell your leaders to act in the right way and to form the "National Unity Bloc".

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