Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obama Claims “We Made Sure Al Qaeda Can’t Attack Us Again” Right After They Attacked Us

Daniel Greenfield 

Sometimes I wonder what color the sky is in Obama’s world. And he would probably answer that it’s the color of hope, of puppies and trillion dollar platinum coins. If you believe something that you made up, you can say it, and then blame your teleprompter when it turns out to be completely made up.
Four months ago, to the day, Al Qaeda carried out a successful attack on the Benghazi mission. They have taken over half of Mali and killed thousands in Nigeria. And they appear to be winning the civil war in Syria.
So this is the perfect time for Obama to announce that Al Qaeda has been defeated and can never attack us again.
“We achieved our central goal, which is — or have come very close to achieving our central goal — which is to de-capacitate al Qaeda, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again,” Obama said.
We achieved our goal or we didn’t achieve it, but we sorta almost achieved our goal of making sure Al Qaeda can’t attack us since the last time that they attacked us. That’s not counting the various “lone wolf” attacks at home, some of which are traceable to Al Qaeda.

The National Intelligence Council claimed last month that Al Qaeda would be gone by 2030. And in July, intelligence officials were claiming that Al Qaeda had relocated, rebuilt and was planning more attacks against America.
The militant organization that was once the scourge of the U.S. military campaign in Iraq and probably is responsible for more than 100 deaths in the country over the last few days has set its sights on launching attacks in the United States, intelligence officials said.
Al Qaeda in Iraq released a message this week that threatened to strike at the “heart” of the United States, and several associates of the group have been arrested in the U.S. and Canada in the last two years, said American officials, a sign that the organization has tried to establish a network in North America.
The arrests highlight “the potential threat posed to the United States” from Al Qaeda in Iraq, said Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, during a hearing Wednesday before the House Homeland Security Committee examining the current threat from terrorism to the United States.
Two months later, Al Qaeda in Iraq was tied to the Benghazi attack. Its overall terrorist trajectory was sidelined by Syria, but that means its plans have been delayed, not cancelled.
But who are you going to believe: Obama or intelligence officials?

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