Monday, November 25, 2013

Iran president: Nuclear "rights" sealed

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The Iranians are thrilled, the Israelis are dismayed: that's how you can tell that this was a deal brokered by the Obama Administration.
"Iran president: Nuclear 'rights' sealed," from the Associated Press, November 24:
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says the nuclear deal reached with world powers recognizes Tehran's "rights" to maintain an atomic program. 
The remarks come just hours after Iranian envoys and world powers reached a first-step accord in Geneva aimed at easing Western concerns that Tehran could one day seek nuclear weapons.
Rouhani on Sunday repeated Iran's claim that it would "never" seek atomic weapons.

But they might just happen to find them anyway.
This shows how coward traitors & dhimmis "in submission to Allah" Q9:29 look like!

Islam is fascism
4 Min 8:65 “O Prophet! rouse the Believers to the fight.” 98:7, 3:110 “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind” (Muslims)
vs. 8:55 “vilest of animals” (kuffar, unbelievers) 98:6
Same concept like "Adolf Nazi" with his Aryan Cult — SUPERmen
vs. subhuman beings (foremost the Jews)
(video) The Last Day
Muslima on photo: "Be prepared for the real Holocaust"
August 2013 Iran's Supremo & devout Muslim Khamenei: Destruction of Israel Is Guaranteed 

Comment:  There are consequences to elections; there are consequences to every action that is taken. Understand what the Iranian leadership is saying to its people in farsi-a different message than what is being fed to the gullible and willing western media. "Iranian officials hailed a nuclear agreement signed with six world powers early Sunday, calling it a large success for the regime in Tehran and confirmation of the country’s right to enrich uranium.

The agreement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, represented “a big success for Iran” and an indication that “all plots hatched by the Zionist regime to stop the nuclear agreement have failed,” according to a report from state-sponsored Islamic Republic News Agency.

Zarif acknowledged on Sunday that the deal was “only a first step,” according to a Reuters report. “We need to start moving in the direction of restoring confidence, a direction in which we have managed to move against in the past,” he said.
The agreement signed Sunday morning in Geneva after several months of intense talks, including some in secret, amounts to a six-month partial freeze in Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited relief on the Western sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy."

Next the demand for trust building actions aka West makes more concessions; followed by Iran becoming a lead authority on resolving the issues in Syria-you don't mind the irony yes? Finally, please note that Iran now leverages this "deal" to create more enriched uranium-welcome to a nuclear bomb Islamic country that has stated its desire to create a world-wide Caliphate. This deal seals our fate. 

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