Sunday, November 24, 2013

John Kerry praises Iran and insults US allies as warmongers (updated)

 Elder of Ziyon
Here are excerpts from John Kerry's speech last night defending the easing of sanctions against Iran:

Click here to view-watch your blood pressure

Don't you feel safer now?

UPDATE: Here are PM Netanyahu's remarks (English closed captioning)
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Comment: Please do view these two clips-Kerry represents  the policy of the USA-it is demonstrative of the Administration's belief and value system-words are not minced, it is a very clear message. I will share that living here in Israel, only a few miles from one enemy and only a 2 minute rocket with a nuclear bomb flight from Iran I cannot express how I feel at this moment hearing what we all thought was our peace partner.
There is no way to interpret Mr. Kerry's remarks other than as an insult to us here in Israel. Readers, I am privy to certain reports, I do have certain data and I consider myself a sound and logical thinker not prone to emotional upsets over comments made by others. I/we do not have that luxury, yes, it is a luxury to behave emotionally in a bad manner, it is not an act of responsibility, it is an act of an immature individual. This said, I am clear now where we stand here in Israel-my disappointment, anger and otherwise confirmation of what I thought about the Obama team brings me no solace or confusion. Those friends, colleagues who hold an opposing point of view, you are entitled to them, I shall not attempt to sway your thinking. I do say be very aware of arrogance and hubristic thoughts and subsequent actions. Be alert to those about you who act out of overweening and haughty behavior given they know what is best for Israel even as they sit back comfortably on a sofa in front of a Sony Smart television.

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