Sunday, November 24, 2013

Israel safer? RU Kidding Mr. Kerry:Zarif: Enrichment will be a part of any current or future deal


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said at a Sunday morning press conference in Geneva that Iran will never stop enriching uranium.

After nuclear negotiations seeped into a fifth day and an interim deal was reached, Zarif told reporters that enrichment will continue and "will be a part of any agreement now and in the future," although halting it is a significant portion of the agreement. Although many restrictions will be implemented over the next 6 months, it will not completely cease.

He continuously insisted that is it Iran's "inalienable right" and urged other countries other countries to "recognize and respect those who decide by their own free will" to develop nuclear technology. He added that the international community should "refrain from imposing restrictions, when we are exercising our right."

When asked about Israel's potential reaction to the deal, Zarif avoided naming the country, but said that there is no reason to react negatively. "The deal is geared toward resolving a problem that has cast its shadow cast over entire world, and this region. I do not see any justification to be concerned about the resolution of a problem."

"We are trying to move forward with the international community," he added. "They must accept fact that threat of war is illegal. War is uneccessary,imprudent and illegal. If we can prevent that, it is an accomplishment. The force option is no longer on the table."

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