Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After beheading, Muslims stab prison guard, machete attack men in barbershop, deface war memorial, threaten to bomb airplane…

And that’s just in the days since the broad daylight beheading by Muslims. The media is still busy defending Islam and blaming Brits and the West while Muslims continue their jihad in Eurabia. via Convicts stab and batter prison officer after taking him hostage in jail | The Sun. h/t barenakedislam
THREE fanatical Muslim convicts stabbed and battered a prison officer after taking him hostage.
The terrified warder was freed after a four-hour ordeal at Full Sutton Prison, East Yorks — said to have been inspired by the murder and attempted beheading of soldier Lee Rigby by two extremists in Woolwich on Wednesday.
The unnamed male officer was in hospital last night and is lucky to be alive, sources said yesterday.
A female prison guard was also injured as she tried to stop the brutes dragging her colleague away.

Full Sutton jail houses some of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists and criminals and is notorious for its hardline Muslim inmates.
A source said: “This had all the hallmarks of a pre-planned attack inspired by the Woolwich atrocity.
“It’s something officials have been fearing could happen for several years and now it finally has.
“The officer was frankly lucky to survive. The attack was brutal. He is badly shaken but realises how fortunate he’s been.”
The officer’s injuries were said to include a broken jaw. The convicts snatched him near the kitchens of the jail’s E Wing on Sunday at about 4pm.
Full Sutton’s governor Paul Foweather was kept informed as officers initially locked around 600 inmates in their cells and tried to calm the explosive stand-off.
But within minutes a decision was taken to call in the crack National Tactical Response Group — the Prison Service’s version of a riot squad. They finally managed to free the officer shortly before 9pm.
The attackers were believed to include two men who are serving long sentences and a third who converted to Islam in prison. He is said to be a white man jailed for a serious violent offence.
Monuments to war dead daubed with word ‘Islam’
The RAF Bomber Command Memorial — saluting the 55,573 British airmen killed fighting the Nazis — was unveiled by The Queen last June after a five-year fund-raising campaign led by the late Bee Gee Robin Gibb.
Passers-by found it sprayed in 2ft-high red letters early yesterday in London’s Green Park.
The same graffiti in similar handwriting was also discovered on the Animals In War memorial half a mile away in Park Lane.
Machete attack horror at Accrington barber’s shop
MACHETE wielding thugs have left two men with ‘serious injuries’ after attacking them in an Accrington barber’s shop.
The two victims had been inside the shop in Ormerod Street when four masked men carrying machetes and knives forced their way inside.
Detectives investigating the incident said the gang attacked the pair before forcing them into the street.
The thugs also attacked a parked car during the incident at midnight on Saturday.
Police said they were alerted to the incident after witnesses called an ambulance.
The victims both suffered deep wounds and had to be taken to hospital by paramedics.
Two Muslims threatened to blow up an aeroplane and kill its passengers and crew
Taxi driver and supermarket employee Tayyab Subhani, 30, and restaurant worker Mohammed Safdar, 41, appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court charged with endangering an aircraft.
The count alleges the defendants made false threats that the “crew and passengers would be killed and the aircraft blown up before landing which was false, misleading or deceptive”.
The defendants, who were both born in Burnley, Lancashire, spoke only to confirm their names and addresses but their lawyers said they would deny the charge.
The duo were arrested on Friday at Stansted Airport after Pakistan International Airways flight PK709 from Lahore was diverted from Manchester.

Does any Brit, other than EDL, doubt Muslims are not at war with them?

Not only do they need to halt immigration, they need to reverse it and begin deporting Muslims who want sharia law and have no intention of integrating. And their families.

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Anonymous said...

What they need to do is to charge a reporter or two with being an accessory after the fact. Just to let them and the average Joe know that everyone knows the score. They run PR for these criminals, encourage the victim natative where the guy with the knife is the "true victim" and encourage them to feel entitled to act as they do. They even silence and attack anyone who tries to do anything about the issue. At the very least get a charge of excitement and maybe go so far as to have the BBC declared an extremist group.