Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obama’s Mouthpiece, Jay Carney, Says Scandals “Don’t Exist”

Remember Baghdad Bob? We have our own version...
President Obama’s ‘yes men’ continue to spin the idea that the three scandals that have brought his administration to its knees, do not exist. That is what Obama’s main mouthpiece, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told CNN’s resident anti-gun zealot, Piers Morgan.
Carney told Morgan that there were no scandals, that “you’re concocting scandals that don’t exist.” Carney was also quick to try to dismiss the recent Benghazi probe in the U.S. House of Representatives, as merely a Republican witch hunt, that has, “fallen apart.”

Here is what our friends over at news service, Blaze reported:
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Thursday night to answer questions related to the three separate scandals that have turned the federal government on its head over the last two weeks.

Carney’s answers summed up: There are no scandals.

“You’re concocting scandals that don’t exist,” Carney said, when show host Piers Morgan asked how the Obama administration would “restore the faith that some Americans have lost” in its transparency.
“Especially with regard to the Benghazi affair that was contrived by Republicans and, I think, has fallen apart largely this week,” Carney said.

He continued, “The fact of the matter is that this administration has a record on transparency that outdoes any previous administrations. And we are committed to that. The president is committed to that.”

Beginning last week when several high-level government officials testified on what happened leading up to the attack on an American consulate in Libya in September, two other scandals potentially implicating the Obama administration have developed: One in which the IRS unfairly targeted conservative non-profits for scrutiny, the other involving the Department of Justice secretly seizing the phone records of Associates Press reporters and editors last year.
Regarding the Benghazi attack, Carney dismissed it as “a faux controversy stirred up by Republicans.”
On the IRS issue: “When [President Obama] found out… that there had been inappropriate and wrong conduct by IRS personnel… he spoke out about it, he made clear he thought it was an outrage and he has taken action.” (Acting IRS Director Steven Miller submitted his resignation Wednesday.)
And on the Associated Press scandal, which Obama has only commented on to say that the White House had no knowledge of: “It is entirely inappropriate for a president… to engage in… a criminal investigation.”
At the start of the program, Carney said it’s been “a challenging week, but a week that I’ve enjoyed.”

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