Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Is To Answer?

Nurit Greenger | May 29, 2013

One of my readers, a Holocaust survivor has asked me to help him reply to some questions he received from one his readers such as:
Why there is an apparent and disturbing blurred line between perpetrators and victims?
Why the Holocaust memorial observances in Israel is of the superficial?
Why do people suggest that there is a possibility that Israel might inflict a Holocaust on the Arab-Palestinians?
Why the line “between us [the Jews] and them [the non-Jews] has been destroyed? In other words, during WWII, while the Holocaust was taking place some Jews committed terrible acts against their own and some Germans and other non-Jews acted nobly, and there was a whole range of intermediate cases on both sides. Still, is there no line between “them” and “us”?

The question were difficult to answer, which I did as follows:
On remembering the Holocaust: Jay Carney, Obama's current White House Press Secretary said last week: Benghazi was so long ago (4 months passed) so the Holocaust was SO much more long time ago and most of those who have experienced / lived through it have died already.
On Holocaust denials: could we fathom that 70 years after 6,000,000 Jews, one of every three Jews, was murdered, there will be a wave of Holocaust denial?
Mahmoud Abbas, the man who wrote his doctorate thesis on Holocaust denial is Shimon Peres, the president of the Jewish state Israel number one favorite as "peace partner."
So what is to say?
On perpetrators: the Arabs turned truths on its face and from perpetrators they have made the world believe they are the victims.
On blurred lines: the lines of who is who among the perpetrators and victims have become blur, full of confusion and mendacity. Let us not forget that after the Holocaust, many countries, even Nazi Germany, gave refuge to the Nazi murderers.
So what is to say?
The Arabs have already turned the plate upside down; they are now the victims and the Israelis are the Nazis, occupiers, human rights abusers and the sad part is that Israel is helping them along with their blood libels.
So what is to say?
On the most infuriating of all: How despicable and how dare anyone to even suggest that Israel might inflict a Holocaust on the Palestinians! This the crossing all red lines; such person is simply nuts?
We must never forget: The Nazis did not treat Jews like animals…their animals were not showered with the poisonous gas Zyklon B and their bodies were not thrown into an oven…there are no words, in any language, to describe what the Nazis did to 6Million Jews!
And today, Israel is the most harassed and threatened country in the world and anti-Semitism has become mainstream.
What is there for one to say? And the wheel keeps on turning in its axis…

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