Thursday, May 30, 2013

FBI leaking information to terror-linked CAIR?

This is what happens when the FBI refuses to present a coherent story on how an interviewee is shot dead and when agents leak to terror-linked Muslim groups. via FBI’s Orlando fatal shooting spurs call for investigation – South Florida
An Islamic group Wednesday called for a federal civil-rights investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of an Orlando man by an FBI agent investigating his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.
And the Tampa director of that group said not only was 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev unarmed when he was shot by the agent May 22 — he was hit seven times, including once in the head.
Initial reports in the wake of the shooting said Todashev might have been armed with a knife when, during questioning in an Orlando condo, he lunged toward the agent, who shot him.

But the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Florida chapter on Wednesday cited unnamed sources within the FBI as saying Todashev was not armed at the time of the shooting.
We did confirm today with sources within the FBI that he was unarmed,” CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Hassan Shibly told the Orlando Sentinel Wednesday afternoon. Later, Shibly told reporters that CAIR has an “intermediary” who said the FBI told him Todashev was unarmed. Shibly did not identify the intermediary.
Just yesterday we posted this video that suggested Muslim informants are only ratting on terrorists to prevent a backlash against Islam that would slow its rapid ascent in the West.

Obama won’t tap CAIR’s phones even though they are the same terror-linked group that deplores Muslims to “Build a Wall of Resistance – “Don’t Talk to the FBI.
You’ve been infiltrated.

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