Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leadership Is No Longer USA Last Name

Nurit Greenger
Offensive, Unsubstantial, and Wrong (OUW) behavior is the United States new image.

The situation in Egypt is bad. Also in Syria, which is a black hole and Lebanon.
The sectarian war of Moslems against Moslems has gone up a notch. But who is on the USA's target to bash and humiliate if not Israel?!

History attests that wherever the United States intervened, it was always not on moral grounds but to make money, or to cover up the failures of the past, and it always caused deterioration of the situation, and never brought a solution.
Today, while the United States is bending backwards to appease Iran and allow it to go on with its nuclear program Ali Hosseini Khamenei Iran's Supreme Leader called the United States rabid dog. What was the USA's reply? It is not nice to talk like this and call us in unpleasant term. Oh' Iran, please do not call us in such name.(

Obama has certainly made a change in America, mind you really a bad change. He disfigured America with his sociopathetic polity and politics.
Obama's foreign policy is astonishingly misguided and wrong. Is it deliberately pursued or is it due to foolishness, recklessness and ignorance or a concoction of all?
Obama's foreign policy in the Middle-East is bad, really bad and it is back firing already, and it has just begun.
Syria is a black hole, a subordinate of Iran. In Lebanon the Shia terrorist organization Hezbollah is Iran's proxy and the forecast for Lebanon is a soon to erupt sectarian struggle with Hezbollah that has approximately 100,000 rockets and missiles aiming at Israel. This sectarian war between Moslems will may soon spill into Jordan and drag Turkey into it, while Iran is pulling the strings of all the neighbors. And in Egypt the current regime is persecuting the Sunni Moslem Brotherhood. And in that circle of violence, abyss and unrest nestles the diamond Jewish state Israel watching with rotating eyes that the fires all around her will not spread over her borders.
The Obama administration's foreign policy is hurting his country already and will hurt the USA even more later on and for years to come, years after Obama has become a regrettable history.
Obama is not leading at all, not from behind, not from the front; his speeches are vapid and many are inciting. Obama is a teleprompter speechster, a golf player and an ice cream eater while the USA is falling apart in its seams.
Obama's Islamophilia, which is the love and admiration of Islam and Moslem civilization, contributes to the mess in Libyan, Egypt, Syria and in small dose even in Israel.
When Obama ends his 2nd term the USA will be in an irreversible mess. Obama simply does not want to acknowledge the magnitude of Iran's evil and ill intent. He is seeking a deterrence from his flag law, Obamacare that is fast failing and is creating a national mess. Iran is the candidate to become that mistaken deterrence.
As a whole, the West simply cannot fathom and catch fast enough the campaign of hate and terror the Moslems perpetrated, perpetrate and will perpetrate against it.
The United States of America is a Republic NOT a democracy, more specifically, a constitutional federal republic. The important distinction is that the USA is not operated democratically, but rather by representatives who come to power by democratic process. This was an essential and subtle fundamental of the constitution: we are not a true democracy which could amount to mob rule, but a representative democracy in which our leaders act in our interests. But Obama behaves as if he is a supreme leader and he runs an intimidating soft tyranny. That tyrannical behavior pattern is dangerous to the entire world state of affairs.
Now that Obama and the EU are about to sow wild oats and succumb to the idea that Iran can go nuclear, Israel MUST NOT listen to a WORD of advice the USA gives her because she may end up dead! The USA of the past 60 years has done NOTHING right in foreign policy and in the Middle East it created a crater of problems into which the entire Middle East is sinking.
Israel must continue maintaining low-profile, because by now everyone should know that when the Jewish State reaches out to touch its enemies, she does it without warning and/or chauvinistic chest thumping. And that is the providence of the Arabs and the Persians. Those who doubt Israel's resolve may prove to be poor students of history. I just hope that such resolve will not need to be demonstrated, but the way matters are evolving I will not be surprised if a very hot war breaks up in the region in the next 12 months between Israel and whoever. And that will translate into lots of dead people, and the loss of large swathes of Israel's neighboring nations, on the other side. Here I must mention that the reciprocal violence that will be directed at Israel many also be directed at Jews worldwide.
The United States evaporated world leadership is leaving vacuums everywhere. The vacuum is filled with mockery and disrespect and the climb of new powers to the throne.
This vacuum is pushing Israel to ally with others, even Sunnis, even protect them. If not, there will be no one left to ally with against Iran tomorrow.

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